13 Most Common Mistakes of those who hit the Gym regularly

13 most common mistakes of those who face the

Does your building have a gym inside? Or do you have the discipline to work out alone at home? Even those who train in the gym, especially without a trainer’s supervision, are susceptible to commit a series of errors that can compromise the results and even lead to various injuries.Together, we put together a guide that addresses the major  mistakes you might be making while working out at the gym.


1. Same Exercises Daily

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You should not always perform the same exercises because your body does not feel more challenged everyday. Thus, the conditioning level remains fixed and you are subjected to injuries due to repetitive stress. Vary your workouts and add one pr more of these daily activities – walking on the street or in the park, a ride once in a while or a volleyball game on the site. The level of effort varies and your body needs to show results.

2. Skip stretching

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Are you making a very crucial mistake daily by skipping stretching exercises ? This needs to stop ! People practice their cardiovascular exercises and strength activities daily, but forget the stretching of muscles. Stretching exercises are important for relaxation, prevent injuries and maintain proper posture. Always stretch before and after training.

Rookie Gyming Mistakes 

3. Wearing the wrong clothes

First and foremost, forget the myth that you need to wear sweaters and plastic pants to sweat and lose weight. This way you only lose water, not fat.Wear appropriate clothing for physical exercise, with fabrics that breathe, are light and adapt to your body. Light and airy clothes help you sweat as well as lose fat.

4. Using the weights improperly

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Are you just lifting weights but not doing it the right way ? The biggest mistake made by people in muscle repetition exercises is to make the series too quickly, without controlling the movement or breathing, usually going faster to lose weight quicky. And this a crucial mistake you’re making in your workout. The right way is to do the repetitions slowly and use the following ratio: one second to get up and three seconds to lower the weight.

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5. Overtraining

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Are you thinking about your Exercises ? Think twice. Training in high rate can lead to other strains, stress injuries such as fractures stress and the loss of lean tissue, or muscle. Do not over-stress your body.

6. Training Inconsistently

Do you train hard for a week and then dont repeat it the next week? That’s a terrible mistake. Frequent changes in the pace of training decrease the benefits of any exercise program, greatly increasing the risk of injury. Set a realistic routine that you can meet every week.

Workout Gymming Mistakes for Beginners to Avoid

7. Ignoring the messages of your body

Sometimes the desire to get in shape is such that you ignore symptoms such as dizziness, severe muscle aches and malaise. Although some pain in the muscles is normal, exaggeration only leads to injuries that will force intervals of weeks or even months in your training schedule. If you experience any of these symptoms, slow down and seek medical advice.

8. Exercising on an empty stomach or a full stomach

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To begin with, fasting increases the risk of hypoglycemia and does not help you lose weight. On the contrary, it causes the body to burn muscle mass instead of fat. Already exercising on a full stomach can lead to dizziness, nausea and malaise, and disturbs both digestion and the practice of the exercises. Wait at least 2 hours after eating a full meal to start your workout.

9. Keeping your back wrongly

The correct posture when using the Pulley is to keep the spine straight, look straight ahead and not downwards or upwards. Keep your head in the extension of the column. When you pull down ,the elbows should be under the bar, and not behind it.

10. Keeping your Arms wrongly

When you do the triceps, support your back and do not let your legs extend. Keep them bent. Do not push your elbows backward. Go down the trunk until your elbows reach shoulder height. The hip should be close to the bank.

11. Keeping the breastplate wrongly

When doing the bench press, rest your feet on the bench and avoid taking the back of it.Do not fully extend your arms on the way up. Again the head should be in the prolongation of the column .

12. Keeping your Abdomen wrongly

The repetition of abs, keep your feet close to the hip and your back against the floor. Up and down by contracting the muscles abdominal . Keep your head in the extension of the spine, looking forward diagonally. This way you prevent  pain in your back and neck.

13. Spinning wrongly

Adjust well the height of the seat and the handlebars. Your knees should never exceed your feet in time to ride.

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