The first symptoms of pregnancy are important warning signs for the mother, for make the same search just one of the methods for diagnosis, either by blood test or simple pharmacy pregnancy test (read: PREGNANCY TEST PHARMACY ). Some women also resort to home pregnancy tests, but these, and do not work, can still do evil (read:  Pregnancy Test Homemade – Myth or Truth? ).

Knowing early that you are pregnant is essential for the woman to start your pre-natal follow-up as soon as possible. Women who learn of pregnancy in the first weeks can take measures to benefit the fetus, such as improving glucose control in the blood, improve diet, using supplements such as folic acid and iron, monitor blood pressure, treat infections early and avoid the consumption of alcohol or drugs potentially harmful to the baby in the first trimester of pregnancy (read:  ANTIBIOTICS iN pREGNANCY – Insurance or dangerous?  and  WHAT a pREGNANT CAN EAT? ).

The first signs and symptoms of pregnancy usually appear three weeks after fertilization. In some cases, however, the pregnancy is already showing signs as early as the sixth day after conception. Therefore, although not usual, it is quite possible the woman has symptoms of pregnancy before the delay period.

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In this paper we address the most common 20 pregnancy symptoms in the first weeks or months of pregnancy.

Before we go, it is important to note that the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are not the same for all women. Furthermore, the same parent can have quite different symptoms in two separate pregnancies.pregnancy signals may also vary in its intensity, frequency and duration.

Keep in mind that many of the early symptoms of pregnancy may appear similar to premenstrual discomforts that you’re used to. Women who are not trying to get pregnant are not very attentive to your body’s signals, and the first symptoms of pregnancy may go unnoticed, being confused with the signs of menstruation their way.

This article was written thinking about those women who do not know they are pregnant, but who already have some suspicious symptoms such as lack of menstruation, breast enlargement, increased abdominal size or increased urination. If you already know you are pregnant and would like to have a script about what kinds of symptoms and body changes will come in each week of pregnancy in the first three months, be sure to also read the following article: Symptoms of Pregnancy in First 12 Weeks .


Pregnancy symptoms # 1 – SMALL VAGINAL BLEEDING

Once fertilized the egg by a sperm, the embryo now runs through the tubes and is implanted in the uterus wall in 6 to 12 days. This implementation can cause a small uterine bleeding, which is often mistaken for a period that is coming.

As this bleeding usually occurs close to the time when menstruation is expected, some women treat as a period that came weak and do not even know that this is the first sign of pregnancy.

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The egg implantation in the uterus is only one of several causes of vaginal bleeding in pregnancy. More than 20% of pregnant women have some vaginal bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy.

So if you are trying to get pregnant and has a different menstruation usual, be careful, because this may be an early sign of pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms # 2 – CRAMPING OR ABDOMINAL PAIN

In addition to a slight bleeding in early pregnancy can cause some discomfort in the lower abdomen, sometimes a feeling of swelling in the stomach, mimicking the symptoms that come days before menstruation.

During pregnancy, the uterus undergoes constant changes, including size, which stimulates the appearance of some uterine contractions felt by women as cramps. It is also common a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen.

As the pregnancy progresses, mild uterine contractions can become common, which is a kind of training for the uterus when the time of getting true during labor.

These troublesome and cramps in early pregnancy, when associated with vaginal bleeding, may well deceive pregnant women, making them think that menstruated.

Note: both cramping as vaginal bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy are often much less severe than those occurring in real menses.

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Symptoms of pregnancy # 3 – DELAY MENSTRUAL

The delay period is the classic sign of pregnancy. It is usually the sign that makes women look to take a test to find out if you are pregnant.

However, not all women feel easy to recognize this symptom of pregnancy. Some women have very irregular menstrual cycles, presenting, including periods of anovulation (not ovulate during a given month), so that there is almost two months between menses and other. Moreover, as explained above, the vaginal bleeding in iníco pregnancy is not a rare event, causing cessation of menstruation is not immediately identified.

Note that menstruation may delay for several reasons other than pregnancy, including, stress, infections, birth exchange, change the weight, tiredness … The very expectation of menstruation, when the woman does not want at all to get pregnant, but if neglected having unprotected sex, can cause menstrual delay.


Another typical sign of pregnancy, breast enlargement can occur with only one or two weeks of gestation. In addition to higher, pregnant women may feel more sensitive breasts and bloating.Sometimes the simple act of touching the breasts or wear the bra becomes uncomfortable.

The breast augmentation is by hormonal changes that promote the stimulation of the mammary glands, preparing them for the breastfeeding period that will come in the coming months. In some women, these changes occur early, while others only notice changes in their breasts after past several weeks pregnant.


In addition to increased volume and pain, the hormones produced during pregnancy make the breasts of pregnant changing appearance. It is common to darkening of the nipples and the appearance of veins around the breasts. These changes last until the end of breastfeeding.

Pregnancy symptoms # 6 – Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy often arise between the 6th and the 12th week of pregnancy.However, there are women who have these symptoms since the 4th or 5th week of pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting are typical symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy and tend to desparecer in the second quarter. In some cases, the nausea of pregnancy are so intense that the woman can not even feed themselves. Severe cases requiring medical support, are called hyperemesis gravidarum.

Symptoms of pregnancy # 7 – Constipation – WOMB OF PRISON

The increased production of the hormone progesterone during pregnancy causes some body organs and tissues become more “loose” or “relaxed”. This is to facilitate the large volume expansion of the uterus that is to come. One of the organs that suffers this action are the intestines, which are less ability to contract, and more difficult to maintain normal intestinal transit. So a little commented pregnancy symptom is constipation (constipation).

To learn more about constipation, read: PRISON WOMB – Constipation .

Symptoms of pregnancy # 8 – ABDOMINAL SWELLING – BELLY BELLIED

You swore that until last week was up in that super tight jeans, and now, suddenly, the pants no longer closes the belly. Even when the fetus is still too small to cause expansion of the uterus, some women may notice some swelling in the abdominal region, which is already as preparing the body to support the uterine growth. This swelling is another symptom that may be confused with premenstrual symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms # 9 – FATIGUE AND EXCESSIVE SLEEP

A feeling of fatigue disproportionate to their daily activities is a very common pregnancy symptom. This fatigue can come up with just one week of gestation. If you already have a grueling routine during the day, it can become exhaustive.

Increased sleep is also very common. Your body gives signs that need to rest more often. You can start to want to go to bed earlier and have more difficulty than usual to wake up in the morning. During the day, a good nap seems to be everything you want most.

Tiredness and sleep in pregnancy occur by hormonal changes, especially progesterone that acts directly on the central nervous system and respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Fatigue is also a symptom of early pregnancy that usually subsides in the second quarter, but it returns at the end of pregnancy, when the baby already is large and heavy.

Pregnancy symptoms # 10 – WILL FREQUENTLY urination

After about six weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant begins to feel the urge to urinate more frequently.These trips to the bathroom may occur even during the night, disturbing the sleep of the pregnant woman.

Main symptoms of urinary tract infectionWhy cystitis is much more common in women than in men?
Video symptoms of urinary tract infection


In the first weeks the increase of urine occurs by reduction of bladder capacity to empty completely, due to the relaxation caused by hormones of pregnancy. In late pregnancy, the fetus very large compresses the bladder, reducing its storage capacity and making small volumes already trigger urination.

The increased urination is a symptom of pregnancy that arises early, occurs in virtually 100% of pregnant and unfortunately, lasts until the end of pregnancy. It is important to note that the increase in urinary frequency is accompanied by darker urine and / or burning urination, a urinary tract infection may be the cause (read: INFECTION URINARY | Cystitis ).

Pregnancy symptoms # 11 – FOOD DESIRES

The desire for certain foods in the first weeks of pregnancy is one of the symptoms clichés of pregnancy.The desire for certain foods may even make vegetarian women feel like eating hamburger.

Similarly arising desires pregnant may also have aversions to certain foods and / or odors. Japanese restaurant that you love during pregnancy can cause nausea you just through the door.

Pregnancy Symptoms # 12 – CHANGE OF TASTE AND SMELL

In addition to having food cravings and aversions, the change of taste is another very common symptom of pregnancy. Sweets can become too sweet, the coffee you love happens to have a weird taste and during the day you may feel a metallic taste in the mouth for no apparent reason.

Pregnancy symptoms # 13 – The AVERSION ODOURS STRENGTHS

Just as some foods cause sickness in the first weeks of pregnancy, intense odors, even pleasant, such as perfumes or food, they can make you feel queasy. bad odors or too strong, such as cigarette smoke, gasoline, alcohol, cleaning products, etc., have the same effect.

A common symptom of pregnancy is a greater sensitivity of smell. The patient relates the feeling of having developed a super sense of smell. Odors that were missed or not bothered now become unbearable.

# 14 pregnancy symptoms – ELIMINATION FREQ GASES

Some women experience an increase in intestinal gas in the early weeks of pregnancy. This can be an embarrassing symptom where the mother needs to spend hours stuck inside an office or room with other people. There is increased need to burp and release flatus (pum).

pregnancy symptoms # 15 – Dizziness

Dizziness is one of those classic symptoms of pregnancy that appear in every film when the character gets pregnant. Pregnancy hormones cause several changes in the woman’s body, which can actually cause dizziness, among them are the drop in blood pressure, decreased levels of blood sugar, anemia, increased respiratory rate (which can lead to hyperventilation over a physical exertion), insufficient power due to sickness, etc.

In more advanced stages of pregnancy, the uterus large, especially when the woman is lying belly up, can compress the vena cava, reducing the volume of blood that reaches the heart. Therefore, pregnant women should always sleep on your side.

Pregnancy symptoms # 16 – VARIATIONS OF HUMOR

Another symptom of pregnancy that everyone has seen in movies. Pregnant can cry to when watching television commercial. Small things can make a disproportionate importance.

Sudden mood swings are also common, pregnant women can go allergy to sadness or sympathy temper outbursts with people close to an hour to another. There are cases of pregnant women to quit his job request.

Pregnancy symptoms # 17 – HEADACHE

Hormonal changes, relaxation of blood vessels and changes in cerebral blood flow explain why some pregnant women start to have headache during pregnancy. Stress and fatigue also contribute. The headache is a symptom that usually appear already in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Symptoms of pregnancy # 18 – BACKACHE – BACK PAIN

The excess weight that pregnant women have to carry the belly for months is the main cause of their back pain. However, back pain can come early, before the baby is too heavy. Progesterone causes relaxation of the muscles and ligaments of various body parts, including the back and abdomen, causing the pregnant change your posture and has difficulties dealing with their own weight.

Pregnancy symptoms # 19 – ACNE – blackheads and whiteheads

Hormonal changes can cause some pregnant women develop acne or worsening acne that already had before. In females, acne is closely related to imbalances of sex hormones, which cause increased skin oiliness. Acne in pregnancy can be mild or serious and can occur at any time during pregnancy.

Pregnancy symptoms # 20 – VAGINAL

The appearance of vaginal discharge or intensification of his usual discharge are normal symptoms of pregnancy. In general, the discharge of pregnancy is equal to the physiological discharge that some women, which is thick, milky or transparent, and odorless.


The signs and symptoms of pregnancy described above suggest the existence of an ongoing pregnancy, but in no way serve to confirm it , or discard it. Some women have only one or two initial symptoms of pregnancy, while others may have almost all the symptoms described above. None of the signs and symptoms presented in this article is unique to pregnancy. Several other diseases or conditions can cause similar symptoms. Therefore, the final diagnosis should be obtained through the measurement of bHCG, be it in the urine or blood (read: UNDERSTAND YOUR BETA HCG ).

If you have questions and want to know how to make the pharmacy pregnancy test read: HOW TO MAKE THE PHARMACY OF PREGNANCY TESTS .



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