6 Exercises That Help Burn More Calories

6 exercises that help burn more calories

Hey do you want to burn calories but are not used to work out or exercising.Read the following article to know about simple exercises that help to burn calories.It is important to start slowly so as to avoid injury. Then we can increase the intensity and time.


Exercise is one of the best habits you can adopt to  maintain a stable weight and good physical and mental health. It increases energy consumption of the body and helps burn calories, excess of which are often the cause of overweight . Additionally,it helps you to keep the  muscles of the joints in good condition making them resistant. Today there are many types of exercises and routines that can be done every day, without having an exclusive gym premises.

Exercises to Burn Calories

There are many types of exercises that can be done in the your home or places like parks. Here are 6 exercises that can help you burn calories. Try them!

1. Up and down stairs.

burn calories

Going Up and down the stairs as an exercise can help you burn 300-500 calories,  depending on the amount of time you do the activity. Of course, it is worth using stairs at work instead of the elevator, By doing this, it is very important to be careful with how to put your foot on the ground because a strong pressure can affect your knee joint. If you are a sedentary person will have to start smoothly for only a few minutes because excess can be harmful.

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2. Run.

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Running at a fast or slow speed without stopping helps to burn  325-450 calories (if you run 1.6 km in eight minutes). This is a complete cardio-respiratory exercise that  accelerates your metabolism, strengthens your legs and improves physical performance,allowing you to burn more calories. You should just try to control the posture of your legs , to prevent possible injury. You can start with 8 or 10 minutes and gradually increase the time according to the acquired resistance.

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3. Squats.

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Most professional training routines include various squat sessions for the benefits.It is an excellent method to burn more calories. They not only help you burn fat, but also strengthen the muscles of your buttocks, legs and abdomen. There are several ways to accomplish it and vary their intensity. For example, the classic motion can be added to the dumbbell exercise to make it more effective. They can also be made with hops or professional weight bars. Of course,  everything must be done in moderation and you should try to maintain the correct posture. To burn about 80 calories 8 sets of 20 reps with 45 seconds rest.are recommended.

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Shake your booty to burn calories and lose weight:

4. Jumping rope.

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The activity of jumping rope which you used to do when you were young.  This exercise is an excellent ally to lose weight and burn calories,  because it increases energy consumption effectively.

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30 minutes practice allows you to burn up to 400 calories , in accordance with the speed and intensity.Skipping is more effective than running to burn calories, and it also serves to improve balance, coordination and concentration.

5. Cycling.

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Whether on a static or classic bike, cycling is a very good exercise for cardiovascular health that strengthen various muscle groups of your body. Cycling for 45-60 minutes can help you lose about 300 to 400 calories.

It also serves to brace parts of the body, such as:

  • Legs
  • Glutes
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Lower back

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6. Dancing

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Very Few can imagine that dance is also an effective way to work the body and reducing calories . Depending on its intensity and rhythm,  it helps you lose 180-200 calories per session.

Insane burn 1100 calories and with this home workout

Flashy Rhythms like swing, merengue and salsa serve as an aerobic exercise of moderate intensity. You can also try various mixtures of rhythms in practices such as zumba. This strengthens the legs, the glutes and also burns your abdominal fat . It also develops flexibility, strength and coordination.

Remember that if you are not used to it, it is best to start slowly to get enough physical strength.

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