How to Clean Your Orthodontic Device

Method 1 : Cleaning the orthodontic Device with a Vinegar solution

1. Rinse the orthodontic device with hot or cold water (not boiling).

2. Place the mobile device in a glass background, big enough to handle it completely.

3. Pour the vinegar into the cup until the device is completely submerged.

4. Let it rest for 2 or 5 minutes.

The more time than this is unnecessary, because the vinegar could begin to degrade the plastic.

5. Remove the orthodontic device and gently rub it with a toothbrush.


Make sure to rub all the wires and cracks, cleaning the bottom of the unit as well.

6. Rinse the orthodontic device with hot or cold water.

Your device should be clean and ready to help your teeth and your smile.

Method 2 : Cleaning the device with Denture Cleaner and Toothpaste

1. Rinse the orthodontic device to remove any visible dirt.

Use this method  from time to time as it is powerful. Repeated use of the denture cleanser may yellow or bending the plastic molding machine.

2. Place the device in a deep cup.

Fill the glass with denture cleanser enough to cover the mobile device. Denture cleaners can be purchased at almost any pharmacy – can be creams, liquids, powders or tablets. As the name suggests, the primary use of them is to clean dentures. They can also be used to clean mobile devices.

3. Allow your orthodontic device to remain  in denture cleaner for 15-20 minutes, or according to the product instructions.

See the product packaging to ensure that you are leave orthodontic device for the recommended time.

4. Remove the device denture cleaner liquid and clean it with toothpaste and a brush.

This process helps remove accumulated plaque that sticks to the  device. After rubbing well with a toothbrush, wipe the mobile device.Submerge the device in a mouthwash without alcohol for 30 minutes or a few hours. Be sure to use a product without alcohol.

5. The rinsing with alcohol can degrade the plastic mold of the machine.

Keep the device in mouthwashes with alcohol (if you don’t have another option) for a maximum of 20 minutes.

6. Remove the appliance after such time and dry it.

Your device is now clean and ready to use again

Method 3 : Cleaning the device with Sodium Bicarbonate

1. Make a paste with baking soda and distilled water.

Add equal parts of distilled water and baking soda to form a paste. The paste should have the consistency of a very light toothpaste.With a toothbrush, apply the paste to the device and rub well. Attack the unit with the baking soda paste as if brushing the item with a real toothpaste.

2. Sodium bicarbonate is a natural scavenger so very efficient.

Specifically, the sodium bicarbonate naturally increases the pH of the mouth, making it more basic. A bacterium that is trapped in the apparatus tends to like to more acidic environments, making the sodium bicarbonate an effective cleaning agent.

3. Wipe the baking soda paste and enjoy your squeaky clean machine.

Method 4 : Cleaning the device with Castile soap

1. Put your hands on the soap.

The soap Castile is much more gentle than other types of soap, and, for the most part, composed of olive and coconut.Taking its name inspired by Castile region of Spain, the Castile soap is a good service time to clean the machine without flooding it in astringents and harmful substances.

2. Dissolve some Castille soap liquid in a small quantity of hot water.

It may be that the foam is not formed because the Castille soap is more gentle than conventional products. Rest assured that it is still able to clear.

3. Submerge in Castile soap solution.

Continue cleaning the appliance with a toothbrush. Try to buy a toothbrush for using  with only Castile soap. Although Castile soap is gentle, without causing any damage to your body if ingested, it is a good idea not to use your regular brush for cleaning with this  solution.

4. Wipe the excess and use the device as instructed.

Method 5 : Disinfecting the Device

1. Mix a small amount of antibacterial detergent in a bowl filled with hot water.

Mix until bubbles develop.

2. Submerge in sanitized water and wipe any dirt or debris using a toothbrush specifically set aside for the act.

Rinse thoroughly after cleaning the appliance.

3. Place the unit in a small bowl and cover it thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol.

If you do not have alcohol available, you can use Listerine or any mouthwash that contains alcohol. Just make sure not to let the  apparatus in alcohol for long. At most, leave it in the compound for 20 minutes.

4. Let the appliance submerge in a small bowl covered with distilled water for 10 minutes.

This process will ensure that any remaining alcohol in the container is eliminated during the last act.



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