Amazonian plant tested as repellent for Yellow Fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti)

The Monkey Pepper (sci. name: Xylopia aromatica) , a typical species of plant in the Amazon rainforest , has attracted the attention of Brazilian scientists who recently discovered their insecticidal action. From the essential oil of the plant, they created a repellent that can ward off the Yellow Fever mosquito (sci name: Aedes Aegypti).

Amazonian plant is tested as repellent for Aedes aegypti

The Yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti)

The powerful liquid is extracted from the dried leaves of the monkey pepper plant. It was found to be a larvicide and an insecticide. Therefore it is able to kill both larvae and adult mosquito.

Seeds of the plant  are used as a substitute for black pepper to flavour cooked foods. They have a similar taste and smell to black pepper.  Also, one report says that the seeds are poisonous and are used to kill rats.


Amazonian plant is tested as repellent for Aedes aegypti

The Monkey Pepper

In February 2016, WHO declared the outbreak of Zika virus epidemic a public health emergency of international concern as evidence grew that Zika can cause birth defects as well as neurological problems. The virus can be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to her fetus, which results in severe brain abnormalities in the infant.

The control of Aedes aegypti is considered a matter of national and international importance since the mosquito is serious virus transmitter of dengue , yellow fever, zika and chikungunya.

In addition, there is another promising species of plant in testing for the fight against mosquitoes: the Pedra hume caá. This plant is commonly known as plant insulin, used by people with diabetes. All parts of the plant can be used in infusions, decoctions or extracts to combat diabetes. Moreover, the specialists that have made careful study of medicinal plants affirm that the regular use of this plant produces surprising results in the treatment of this ailment, as in a short space of time the sugar disappears from the urine.


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