How To Avoid Injuries Caused By Exercises.

How To Avoid Injuries Caused By Exercises

Everyone – or at least the vast majority – are already tired of knowing that doing physical exercise is essential to keep the body fit and health care. But great care is need to be taken to avoid injuries.

avoid injuriesThe last wish of those who practice exercises is to acquire some injuries, after hours and hours of training.Some tips for you to avoid injuries while performing physical activities.


1. Avoid excessive exercise.avoid injuries

Anything in excess is bad. And with physical activity it is no different. According to  Guiselini, the body needs rest after doing the exercises so that there are no twists, tendon rupture and fractures. The teacher explains that high intensity activities such as weight training, require a rest of 48 hours. “Training can even be done every day, since it does not always work the same muscle, thus preventing muscle fatigue and resulting injuries” he says.To avoid injuries excess must be avoided.

2. Make a complementary training everyday to avoid injuries.avoid injuries

According to the teacher, the body of a person who does not usually exercise has generally weak muscles. To avoid injuries one can make the physical activity erroneous, with the use of a very strong tension load, for example, can be a muscle strain or stretching. For this reason, it is important to conduct a complementary training, that is, increase the body’s resistance and strengthen the muscles gradually.

3. Beware of inadequate technical knowledge.

Unlike athletes, people who are not used to exercising should not force the body during activities to avoid inuries. According to Guiselini, hyperflexion of motion and hyper extension of the knee and spine are main causes for injuries. Practical examples of these movements are called deep squat, in which the hip passes the line of 90 °, and the excessive rise of the trunk.

4. Warm up and stretch.avoid injuries

A key tip to avoid injuries during or after exercise is the realization of heating and stretching. These two practices are important to the health of both the point of musculoskeletal view as cardiovascular. While many worry not to get injuries in muscles and joints, few remember to take  care of the heart. Professor Guiselini recommends heating, gradually is raising the heart rate so that the heart gets used to reach the maximum level of exercise intensity. Before the end of the activity, the professional also advises the gradual decrease in heart rate.

5. “Listen” to  your body.avoid injuries

“When you exceed the limits of your body, it gives you clues that something is wrong. To avoid inuries listen to your body” warns Guiselini. According to the professor, who insists on training when tired, is also more vulnerable to get injured. In addition to fatigue, other symptoms of that body is about to undergo lesions are loss of appetite, insomnia and irritation. When any of these signs appear, the tip is unique: rest and relax the body.”Only with the rest of the body ,it will be ready for new exercises,” concludes Guiselini.

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