Avoid the worst home recipes against acne

Pass away from practices that cause blemishes, scars and new inflammations

The nuisance caused by acne sometimes leads to despair and anxiety to solve the problem, many people end up appealing to home recipes. Serious mistake: in most situations, scars and blemishes are the only results. Secativas lotions, sold without a prescription, usually solve the most simple cases, while antibiotics are given by doctors in the most severe cases. “A query in the dermatologist is important to find the optimal treatment of each skin. But regardless, some practices must move away from care in the fight against acne,” says dermatologist Claudio Mutti. The following are homemade recipes that only harm your skin and understand why they are harmful.


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Fastening spines can cause the appearance of scars and stains (the “holes”) in place. “The ideal is to use a secativo product and expect to disappear acne,” says dermatologist Maria Paula Del Nero, specialist by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology. When squeezing a pimple, you can infect the site with bacteria and gain a greater inflammation yet.


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The toothpaste does not serve as secativo for pimples. The formula can intoxicate the pore inflamed and worsen the inflammatory reaction, increasing the spine or making the region even more painful, and stain the skin.Instead of using the toothpaste, apply specific products for the treatment of acne.

Wash your face several times

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“Wash your face excessively can cause a rebound effect, increasing the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands,” says Claudio Mutti. Therefore, the ideal is to wash your face twice a day, preferably with warm or cold water, using a mild soap or suitable for your skin type.

Mask with milk and lemon

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Milk and lemon are good for treating skin: lemon acidity, in contrast, can cause stains and severe burns on the skin, so never think of fruit as the acne fighting agent. The milk does not come to harm, but has no effect on the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide

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Hydrogen peroxide has antiseptic and antibacterial action and can help treat infections. But that does not mean it can be used to treat pimples. “High concentrations may even irritate the skin, which is red and itches a lot,” says Maria Paula Del Nero.

Ointments against diaper rash

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“Some salves for diaper rash have antiseptic action and may even reduce the oiliness of the skin, which helps in the treatment of pimples,” says Claudio Mutti. But as are medications, they should be used with medical advice. The same applies to the popular formulas containing camphor in the formula: These ointments may even alleviate the problem momentarily. But, without medical supervision, there is a risk that the pimples rise further or the skin stained finish, if sensitivity to any component of the product.


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Camphor is an antiseptic, but should only be used in cosmetic formulations, and not applied directly to the skin. “It can cause contact dermatitis, eczema (a type of skin infection) and even poisoning when absorbed directly through the skin or inhaled,” says Claudio Mutti.



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