A Simple Tooth Care for Babies

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 - Tips

Diseases and abnormalities of teeth in children are one of the disturbances in the process of growth and development of children. Since milk teeth begin to grow, parents should be responsible for cleaning their baby tooth. Although the child’s tooth is just a milk tooth that is only temporary, the milk dental health affects the child’s dental health in the future. Therefore, as a parent needs to know how to do the tooth cares for babies in the right way, so that the tooth and mouth of the child are healthy and can grow properly.

Tooth Care for Babies

How to Do the Tooth Cares for Babies

Milk teeth should be treated to prevent damage, even that you can take care of baby gums before milk teeth grow. Here is how to do the tooth care for babies that you can do at home.

  • Before the milk teeth grow, you are advised to clean the baby’s gums regularly. Use a soft, slightly wet cloth to rub the baby’s gums gently.
  • The right time to clean baby’s gums is before she sleeps and after eating, every twice a day.
  • If you want to introduce a toothbrush when the teeth start to appear, rub gums with a soft toothbrush. You just need to wet the toothbrush with water and do not need to use toothpaste.
  • When milk teeth begin to appear, use a toothbrush to clean it. Start using only a little toothpaste, about the size of a grain of rice.
  • When the child reaches three years of age, you can add the portion of toothpaste used to be the size of a pea.
  • We recommend that you brush your teeth until the child can brush his teeth, which is around the age of six years.
  • If necessary, accompany the child while brushing his teeth and remind him always to brush his teeth twice a day.
  • Introduces your babies with healthy food for milk teeth and permanent teeth will remain maintained.
  • Visit the dentist to check your teeth regularly.
  • Caring for your babies’ milk teeth as early as possible is important. Later when the child already has a permanent tooth, they can take care of it to last a lifetime.

How to do the tooth cares for babies at the age of 0-6 months:

  • Clean your baby’s gums with a damp cloth, at least twice a day
  • Do not let your baby sleep while drinking milk by using a bottle of milk.
  • After nursing, remember to clean the baby’s mouth with a damp cloth
  • Do not add sweetness to a bottle of milk with honey or something sweet.

How to the tooth cares for babies at the age of 7-12 months:

  • Ask your pediatrician or dentist if your baby is getting enough fluoride
  • Give water if your child wants to drink beyond the drinking schedule
  • As the child’s molars begin to grow, start to use a small toothbrush with a soft surface and nylon material.
  • Do not use toothpaste and remember always to wet the toothbrush with water.
  • Check your child’s teeth to the dentist, after six months