How to care for baby’s teeth and gums up to two years

How to care for Baby’s Teeth

Concern about baby’s teeth and beautiful smile of the children should begin even before the first teeth appear. Up to two years, the gum and the teeth needs special care. Get tips for taking care of the oral health of small at each stage of the first years of life:baby's teeth

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How to brush a baby’s teeth

From 0 to 6 months

Clean the gums with gauze (dry or wet) to remove waste. To ensure the oral health of baby is in day, it is also important to prevent the baby suckle for a very long period and use the bottle inside the mouth to “play” or scratching the gum. If the baby needs to suck something during sleep, the most appropriate is to offer a pacifier or bottle of's teeth

From 6 to 18 months

At this stage, it is important to begin the routine cleaning of the teeth and mouth with an appropriate soft brush to age. The trick is to perform oral hygiene when the baby is not hungry or sleep, so that he understands what is being done and get used to the routine.The best position to clean the teeth is with the mother sitting, holding him in his's teeth


The first teeth

It is important to check that  baby’s teeth does not show brown or whitish spots, which can translate an carious frame. Moreover, it is important to take the baby to the dentist from the first tooth or first year of's teeth

18 to 24 months

18 months to two years old, the baby already has a varied diet that requires brushing baby’s teeth at least three times a day. Sweet foods or starch-based should be offered to children only in main meals, which should be followed by oral's teeth
Another secret is to limit the number of snacks per day and encourage consumption of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, unsweetened juices and cereals. The tips were provided by Colgate specialists

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