5 tips to have beautiful legs tanned

With the heat, no one can resist their urge to show off their legs, but to avoid headaches, here’s how to get a  beautiful leg tan without sunbathing.
leg tan
When summer arrives everyone wants to leave the trousers aside and move on to skirts, shorts, dresses and other little things that make your legs out. But before releasing them, consider a small artificial leg tan to ensure the effect of beautiful legs. To achieve the desired result, follow these five simple steps.
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1. Exfoliate

leg tan

After being suffocated in long pants and tights for months on end, your legs have a sad look because they have not seen sunlight often. Before covering them with a self-tanner or expose them to the sun, it is necessary to go through a scrub to cleanse the skin, returning them the shine and prepare it for proper care.

How to do:

  • Choose an exfoliant based on the nature of your skin.
  • Apply it in a circular motion from the bottom of the legs towards the thighs.
  • Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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2. Moisturize

leg tan

Hydration is the foundation for beautiful skin and this is true for having beautiful leg tan as well.
  • How to do:

    Use a cream enriched with active ingredients such as AHA.

  • Apply the massaging area by starting from the feet towards the top of the thigh, until the skin is no longer sticky.

3. Hide the imperfections

leg tan

Scars, spots, small veins … Just like the face, the legs are subject to imperfections, and to hide them, makeup is a useful tool.

How to do:

  • To eliminate imperfections, cover your legs with a cream made for dark circles with the help of a thin brush, and then secure it with a layer of loose powder.

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4. Standardize


If you want a fake leg tan that looks natural and if you do not feel comfortable with sunless tanners, refer to a makeup base! Of course, it will only effect a single day or night, but you will shine.

How to do:

  • Prefer a fluid makeup base which is one step up from your natural skin color and apply it with the help of a sponge.

5. Autobronzeador


Simple, fast and without danger to the skin, self-tanning is the recommended method to display caramel-colored legs in a split second. Those who want a glamorous tan can choose a product with glitter or pearlescent.

How to do:

  • After protecting hands with disposable gloves, start working from over the knees, heels and ankles with a damp cotton.
  • Wait a few minutes before dressing.

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