Struggling for Good Health : Clear your definition of Being Healthy to Achieve your Goals Faster

Exercise is a vital component for a healthy living. People now a days have distinctive definition of BEING HEALTHY, with very distinctive goals.For few its about being well built, or a few like to be healthy from the inside.

Definition of BEING HEALTHY

being healthy

If you want to achieve certain body goals, a proper regime must be followed in order to achieve your distinctive goals.

being healthy

“Abs are made in the kitchen” yeah that’s true but for a well built and a good looking physique a proper routine workout is essential for a healthy metabolism and utilization of the nutrients from the food. Our current life schedule restricts us from going to a gym or a fitness center. There are a lot of exercises which you can perform without any equipment at home. Eating good and avoiding bad habits like regular smoking, drinking etc. is the basic fundamentals for a healthy physique.

If you are more into being healthy on the inside, the most important for you is to burn calories in any physical activity,by running, swimming etc. Every physical activity burns calories and has a different aspect on body which will ultimately contribute to the improvement of your health.

On the other hand if one is more into being well built, WEIGHT TRAINING is must for achieving fitness goals, especially for skinny guys or strong muscles.A skinny guy should follow a workout regime involving more weight training along with a bit of cardio exercises for being healthy. Apart from exercising, one should have a good and sufficient diet for your body.

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Here is a following simple home workout routine for being healthy and a ripped physique.

1. Running

Running may seem a simple task but like other exercises, it is a complex act. Professional sprinters follow a perfect regime to achieve faster pace with increased stamina. Running benefits both body and soul. It strengthens our bones, improves nervous system, blood circulation, builds core strength. Its important to stretch our body mainly legs, ankles followed by a warm-up before starting a running session.

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Furthermore, while running its important to learn to maintain your breath with appropriate pace for a long run. Running doesn’t require any major equipment apart from shoes. A proper comfort fit shoes should be preferred for running.being healthy2. Push Ups

Push ups are like a miracle for upper body, mainly chest including arms. It involves workout of chest and triceps muscles. The exercise doesn’t require any special need, it can be performed anywhere, anytime. For those trying to achieve a massive chest, they can use weights for performing push-ups.

There are a lot of ways to perform different types of push-ups hitting different chest muscle groups. For those who perform push-ups but still don’t get a ripped or muscled up chest, patience is must for your body building goals but majorly it is due to wrong posture or movement while doing a push up. So a keen concern should be put on safety aspects and proper workout. being healthy Now a days push ups are considered to be one of the best exercises aiding not only muscle growth but also aids in fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. There is a revolution going on 22 pushup challenge with many celebrities showing support for a social cause. Watch David Beckham, Chris Evans and Jason Statham showing their support for the cause.

22 Pushup Challenge

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3. Pull ups

Pull ups help in strengthening the upper body and back muscles. Many people perform pull ups but don’t get a wider back because of the wrong body pull-up posture. Hands should be shoulder-width apart and while pulling up, your chest should be aimed towards the pull up bar. This exercise targets shoulder and back muscles, and also improves your nervous system. It also increases blood circulation, hence causing benefits to body in majority ways. It is a must do exercise for everyone wanting to be healthy.

pullups being healthy

Following exercise can be difficult for beginners, they can use a spotter or if a spotter isn’t available, then chin assist machines can be used to lift body weight. Being a tough core exercise, one needs patience and time to achieve perfection. Even if you are not able to lift your chin up to the rod, keep hanging and try to lift your body as much as you can using your shoulders and arm muscles.

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4. Squats

Squats are an essential high intensity workout which improves core strength and builds up leg muscles. The posture when performed enhances blood circulation in the body, and helps in increasing body endurance. Squats involve movement of thigh, hips, buttocks, hamstring muscles making them bigger, stronger and ripped.


Proper Squat form is the key to avoid knee and back pain. Don’t do partial Squats by going only half way down. Push your knees out so they’re inline with you feet. Keep your lower back neutral, don’t let it be round. Squats are majorly recommended by professional athlete trainers, bodybuilding professional as well as health experts. being healthyFor beginners squats can be an impossible exercise but no need to GIVE UP. You can hold up a vertical rod or any other object to lift your body upwards. However, beginners can use a smooth surfaced object placed against a wall to support ankles and buttocks in a squat position.

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For those who are already familiar with squats, heavy weighted squats should be aimed with increase in weights progressively. There are a lot of variations which can be followed for performing squats. Furthermore, if performed routinely one can have a set of full ripped whole body muscles.

Variations in push ups, pull ups and squats exercise can be performed for achieving effective targeted muscle growth. But it is a must for beginners, especially to follow a regime to let the muscles grow and achieve strength. If you are already a pro at the above exercise routine you should try the following exercises ripping out every muscle and also being healthy without any equipment.

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5. Planks

Get into push-up position on the floor, bend your elbows 90 degrees and let your body weight rest on your forearms. With a  straight body from head to toes, hold this position for as long as possible. Planks targets abs, shoulders and arms majorly. Plank is a core workout exercise for a strong built and practicing planks on a daily basis help you in being healthy as well as fit. Practice it to improve your plank time, hold up to your maximum strength.

Push-up and Pull up will be helpful in building core strength. Squats and dead lifts can assist you in holding planks for longer intervals.never-suck-in-agai being healthy

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6. Handstand

Handstand being a random fun exercise can be performed anywhere. This posture helps to build up strong shoulders, back and upper chest. It is difficult to hold a correct handstand posture. Practice handstand a lot either in the beginning with a supporter or against any surface. Being a pretty tough exercise, if performed incorrectly handstand can lead to fatal accidents. Before doing a handstand make sure you warm up your wrists, shoulders and core muscles as they majorly hold our weight while performing a handstand.

being healthy

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How to do a Handstand

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