What is The Best Clothing to Use in Pregnancy

Use of mesh and cotton clothing is the best choice to use for a pregnant person because they are soft and stretch adapting to the silhouette of the pregnant, keeping a beautiful and elegant body even when the belly is already quite large. However, the pregnant person can also opt for wide dresses and fine blouses and underwear should be of cotton to avoid allergies.

What is The Best Clothing to Use in Pregnancy pregnant person

During pregnancy with increasing belly, it becomes difficult to use the clothes that are in wardrobes because they are too tight and cause discomfort and swelling. Thus, it is necessary to buy some new clothes, but changing all the clothing is expensive and therefore you should buy a few pieces that can be used at different stages of pregnancy and in the postpartum period and the most advantageous is to buy clothes that can be adjusted in a dressmaker.


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How to choose underwear

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The pregnant person should buy underwear made of cotton because they are more comfortable and prevent allergies and infections, and the panties should be with high waist and elastic to withstand the weight of the belly. Bras should have wide straps to give good support to the breasts, which are growing especially from 3 months.
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What is the most comfortable clothes for a pregnant person.

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You should wear clothing that fits your taste, temperature, and it is practical to work. Thus, pregnant women should opt for fine fabrics, wearing sweaters and loose tunics and gowns. In the cooler days you can choose cotton dresses that fit the body, while remaining comfortable. In addition, pregnant women should buy shorts or pants with elastic waistband materials such as polyester, to fit the legs without squeezing or choose baggy pants to prevent swelling of the legs and ankles.


Clothes to wear at work

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You can wear shirts with buttons on the chest and use blazer in the days of cooler, since it is not necessary to close the jacket, and a piece that can be used throughout pregnancy even though the belly grow. Another good option is to use long dresses and pregnant women who want to emphasize the belly can apply a strip on the dress.

pregnant clothes to party


Use long overalls or thin fabric dresses are good options for party because emphasizes the belly and lengthens the silhouette, making the stylish pregnant and staying comfortable.

Clothes to go in the gym


Pregnant practicing sport should wear cotton clothing that is very elastic for comfort and ease of movement in the gym, opting for leggings that absorb sweat and a comfortable shirt.

What are the best shoes in pregnancy?


The most important is to use shoe that does not cause pain, and usually are the most comfortable sandals or sneakers.

However, some women feel more elegant in high-heeled shoe, especially at parties and in such cases you should opt for shoes up to 5 cm with thick heels because of  that body weight is better distributed throughout the foot.

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