How Does Your Body React to Dehydration

Intense heat may be synonymous with drowsiness, pain and bad mood. Hot days may interfere with the functioning of the body causing a range of symptoms. The main change in the body that can be the forerunner of all the changes is dehydration. Learn about the most common symptoms in the days of excessive heat and see how to avoid these changes:

How does your body react to dehydration



Headache in summer or hot days is a sign that the body is exposed to high temperatures in an exaggerated way. The pain occurs because the body is overloaded with the intention of maintaining stable body temperature. The best way to avoid this is to cool the body, drinking plenty of fluid (water or fruit juice) and taking a warm bath to cool yourself. If the pain persists for long periods, it is best to seek medical service.

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Drop in pressure


The temperature increase leads to greater expansion of the circulatory system, and this expansion reduces the pressure of blood vessels. It is common people more sensitive to heat feel tired or unwell. The expert says that the best way to avoid this is to increase fluid intake and eating properly, preferably with a water-rich foods, such as fruit and vegetables.

Excessive sweating


For our body to maintain its normal temperature even in the heat, it increases the production of liquid secreted by sweat glands. Along with sweat, our skin also produces more sebum, thanks to the sebaceous glands. The sweat and sebum by itself does not bring any harm, since the skin and clothes are always sanitized. Hygiene underarm to remove microorganisms is essential. During the bath, sanitize the underarms and dry thoroughly before passing the deodorant. Review the product during the day as often as you feel the need. In hot weather, prefer to wear cotton garments. Synthetic fabrics retain sweat, the skin and favor muffle perspiration. During the day, favoring light colored clothing and do not shake the armpits. Another point is to keep the body hydrated to replace the fluid that is lost with sweat.

Less trips to the bathroom


If you noticed that in the heat tends to have less desire to pee. This is because urine production decreases in the warmer seasons, since most of the liquid is removed by sweating. The body needs to maintain the temperature in the heat and the sweat has this function, different from urine, which only removes toxins from the body. Still be sure to consume enough liquid to just the day to avoid dehydration.



Another drama that can be recurrent in the heat is a cramp. Felipe physical therapist explains that the direct relation between heat and the onset of cramps is not well determined, but one explanation is dehydration. As we know, in the heat increased production of sweat and lose more fluids and salts Minerals, which can increase the appearance of cramps. Stretching exercises and proper hydration can prevent the onset of pain.



In an effort to maintain body temperature, the body increases the heart rate and peripheral circulation (veins just below the skin). Which leads to increased energy expenditure, may cause tiredness especially after physical exertion. However, fatigue can be a symptom of heat stroke, which is related to prolonged exposure to the sun and can cause serious damage to the body. The use of comfortable and light clothes, eating frequent and cold baths liquids can reduce this symptom.

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The swelling ┬ácan occur on very hot days as a response to increased blood flow, especially at the ends of the body – such as hands, feet and legs.┬áThese factors increase the concentration of liquid in these body areas, because of the difficulty of venous return. metabolic exercises (movement of the upper and lower limbs), and stretching are options to avoid swelling. In extreme cases, the use of compression stockings are also an option, but with the guidance of a doctor.

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