How Do You Get Typhoid and The Treatment

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018 - Tips

Typhoid is kind of fever that caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. Of course, to treat this illness, you have to know first how do you get typhoid, then you will find out more about the cause of it. Usually, the bacteria grow in the water and also food. Then, it carried by the human who already infected it and spread to the other people in their neighborhood. Of course, how people can be affected by this disease will be different based on their activity. However, to know more about the events that can cause this disease. Some activities in the following paragraphs can cause people to affect by this fever.

How Do You Get Typhoid and How to Treat It

Since it is already explained that the bacteria that cause this fever comes from the food and water that infected, the first thing can cause this fever is the infected food and drink. So, paying attention to the hygiene of your food is a significant thing for your body. Do not eat the food that might come from less health place or something else. When you are cooking, you also have to pay attention to your surrounding environment and make it keep hygiene. Therefore, when you pay less attention to the food and drink that they consume, it can be the cause on how do you get typhoid too.

Besides the food and drinks, places are also very potential with this bacteria. As the base of this bacteria is water, when you are surrounded by the areas that contain water is not hygiene enough, it will also be dangerous for you. The places are, for example, somewhere like the water stool and water supply as well. For the sake of your health, it would be better always to keep your surrounding in clean condition so that it can prevent the growth of the bacteria. These things can trigger on how do you get typhoid.

After you know about the possibility on how do you get typhoid, you will also be better to know about how the symptom of this fever. There are some symptoms that become the sign of this disease. First is the poor appetite of in your days. Even though it sounds simple, but it can be dangerous for you. Besides that, suffering from headaches might become the next symptom of this fever. Diarrhea and lethargy are the other symptoms that you can find in the case of this illness. So, when you think that you or people around you have these symptoms, it would be happy to check it directly to the doctor.

Then, what are the treatments for this disease? To think about the treatment, of course, the best treatment of this disease is by directly consulting with the doctor. The doctor will give you medicine, and it is usually antibiotics. You have to know that antibiotic, even though not all of antibiotics, are working to stop the fever. Therefore, asking for antibiotics can be a good solution for this disease. That is all the information about typhoid and the possibility on how do you get typhoid.