How to Alleviate Depression with Relaxation Techniques (5 Ways)

How to Alleviate Depression with Relaxation Techniques

When you feel sad, or no reason, and you are sick and tired of feeling so infinitely, know that there are some relaxation techniques that can help you “recharge” their energies in a simple and quiet manner. Practice them will restore a small energy level in which you can build, gradually the strength to feel better over time. Never overdo it and be gentle with yourself, as there is still a long journey ahead. These techniques also help you to accept that there are times in life when you feel like this is perfectly normal.Relaxation

1. Take a paper and a pen.

Make yourself comfortable and put some soft and relaxing music. To sit or lie down comfortably, listening to soft music, make a list of things you feel you may be contributing to your depression.


2. Project yourself into the future and think about how you’d rather be instead of thinking about the feelings you are experiencing now.

Once you have mastered each cause of his grief, try to reach solutions that relate to each item on your list.

3. Learn to move on.

Soon it becomes clear that some things can never be changed. For example, you can not change the way a person is, but it can change the way you interact with it. In fact, in many cases you can choose not to interact. Or that you can not change what your government is doing as a single individual, but can join with others and enable change through peaceful and legal channels. For the things on the list that are not solvable, find some more general response that is active, or resort to self-protection response and passive, which includes practice meditation to let the sadness go away and accept that there are some things that can not be changed.relaxation

4. Surround yourself with pictures, objects and peaceful sounds.

Clean up any mess that may be disrupting your life. Ask your friends and family to call you only when it is convenient for you, or avoid talking with complicated people, so that you only find when you feel strong enough.relaxation

5.Try to establish a daily routine of relaxation techniques.

Here we suggest a simple routine that you can experience anywhere. After a while, you will feel confident to modify it, and thus meet your needs:Find a quiet place without noise, where you will not be disturbed.

Sit straight with an ankle in front of the other.Place the back of the hands on the knees.

Let your eyes closed completely or partially – what makes you most comfortable.Focus on feeling your breath go in and out of your body.Count each breath and two on the exhale, until you get to ten, and then start again.

Whenever a thought cross your mind, start again at number one, and continue to focus completely on your breathing.It will probably be hard to stand still at first, but after practicing meditation for a few days, you should feel calmer and more able to deal with it.


6.Be sure to perform relaxation techniques as a daily part of your life.

They will support you even when you start to feel stronger; remember that these techniques are a source of their strength in our stressed world.
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