Myths and Truths About Exercise.

Myths and Truths About Exercise.

The combination of balanced nutrition and physical activity is the “magic” formula to maintain a healthy and toned body. But many exercise myths involved in this context may be discouraged, and even harm, who seeks to achieve the objective of improving the quality of life and come to terms with his/her body.


exercise myths
And when it comes to exercise in general, questions on exercise myths are even more frequent , such as, “I can even win a six pack with a four – week program?” or “half-hour daily walk really helps health?”.

1 Belly promise healed in four weeks (constantly disclosed in beauty magazines) is true to what extent?

Man with beer mug

Man with beer mug

These exercise myths Can be considered true if analyzed from person to person. When talking about physical conditioning, each person will have a different outcome in a given period. According to the personal trainer, the procedure to dry the belly can be very positive if, in the four weeks, the person is aware of three important factors:

  • dedicate yourself to aerobic exercise, according to orientation and / or capacity, dedicate
  • also the exercises for specific areas and
  • last but not least, the food.

2. In relation to fitness in general, how long a sedentary person takes to adapt to exercise?

exercise myths

In the first month, most people already  begin to notice some changes. A much more relaxing sleep (in some cases insomnia is outmaneuvered), more available for the tasks of day-to-day, and beyond, increased muscle stiffness . A very important factor is to think that you have fully adapted and start to exaggerate. Respect your limits.

3. It is true that walking for 30 minutes a day has improved the quality of life or is it one of the many exercise myths? 

exercise myths

Walking 20, 30 or 40 minutes daily improves the quality of life. The physiological benefits are known since the improvement in the cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary system are evident. It also explains that, is an activity that combats the stress of day-to-day, not only for the exercise itself, but by socializing with others. With the improvement of fitness, metabolism that is being used more, and thus faster, will certainly help in weight loss.

4. The weight is really the best exercise to tone the muscles and turning? It also serves to weight loss?

exercise myths

The weight really tones and tightens the muscles. It is not just the activity that will do the work to achieve the desired result. And another positive point for weight. This type of exercise slims you up .Depending on the practitioner level, working with overhead consumes so much energy that, if done properly, it exhaust the same amount that a race of one hour does. In addition it boosts up metabolism that always turns food into energy for refueling without storing it, “he explains.

5. Is it true that the more exercise the person does, the more they lose weight?

exercise myths

First of all, you have to respect your own limits and practice activities in accordance with your physical evolution.Keep exercise at low intensity. In other words, have the feeling that I could stay there for long. Try to gradually increase the training time and not the intensity of the same

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