How to Know Baby Gender Without Ultrasound: Four ‘Ancient’ Ways to See Your Baby Gender

Saturday, July 15th, 2017 - Tips

How to Know Baby Gender Without Ultrasound

Pregnancy is a blessing. It is what most parents are waiting for after being together because a child is a gift which can bring the new atmosphere to the house. That is why, to welcome baby’s birth, parents usually prepare baby’s needs and stuff. But before buying all those baby stuff, parents have to know the gender of the baby.

The gender can be seen when the pregnancy has reached at least 12 weeks, which is the earliest they can tell with any certainty. But most pregnancy shows 17-20 weeks is the most common time to see the gender of the baby. Unfortunately, it can be viewed by using the ultrasound technology. Is it possible if parents try to see it using another way? For example, how to know baby gender without ultrasound?

Determine baby’s gender using traditional methods

Let’s say that the ultrasound equipment is high-frequency sound wave machine which was designed by the advancement of humankind’ knowledge. But the human civilization lived along with cultures that govern their way of life and belief. There are at least four ‘ancient’ ways as for how to know baby gender without ultrasound.

  • The wedding ring gender prediction

Remember that this is traditional ways that have at least 50% chance of the result being correct. As you lay down, take off your wedding ring and prepare a thread. Then, insert the thread through the marriage ring. After that, you need to dangle the ring over your pregnant belly. Here is the trick, if the ring creates a circle motion, you are guaranteed—traditionally—that it is a girl! But if it makes a pendulum motion which is a back and forth movement, then it is a boy! Congratulation, mom! It is how to know baby gender without ultrasound back when the ultrasound didn’t exist yet, maybe.

  • Eyeballs

It is said that your left eyeball knows the truth about your baby gender. To find out your baby gender, pull down the skin under your left eye. After doing so, look closely at the white part of your eyeball. There, you can see the vein of your eye. If it looks like a “V” or, let’s say, branches. Congratulation, your baby is a girl!

  • Baby Carriage

The pregnant mother carries baby differently. There are two types of the baby carriage during pregnancy, high and low. To see if you carry your baby high or low, look at yourself in the mirror. If your pregnant belly is large, then it is believed that your baby would be a girl. If it is hanging low, your baby would probably be a boy.

  • Baby’s Heartbeat

The last one how to know baby gender without ultrasound is by your baby’s heartbeat. Remember that baby gender can be seen clearly when the pregnancy has reached 17 weeks, but next time when you go to the doctor, take note of your baby’s heartbeat. They say if the heartbeat is between 140-160, it is a girl. However, 120-140 is a boy’s heartbeat!

Those are how to know baby gender without ultrasound. People were used to applying these methods to cure their curiosity regarding baby gender.