25 foods which help in weight loss without losing energy

25 foods which help in weight loss without losing energy

It is true that when we diet, the body loses weight, dissolves fat and  detoxifies , releasing toxins into the bloodstream, which causes a certain malaise and fatigue. But this period of detoxification can take a few days, it may be lacking essential nutrients for the body to continue to function well. To lose weight, it is really necessary to limit the intake of carbohydrates, fats and sugars, but we should not eliminate these food groups from the diet completely. Check out 25 foods that will help you in weight loss without loosing energy.


1. Eggs:weight loss without loosing energy

Egg whites are the only known food composed exclusively of protein, a major food group for the composition of the muscles. Consuming protein not fattening, and is good for the body. The yolk is nutritious. You should only avoid consuming too many eggs  if you have high cholesterol and exclude them from the diet completely only by prescription.Eggs are widely preferred for weight loss without loosing energy

2. Whole wheat bread:weight loss without loosing energy

The bread linseed, rye, oats and other grains promote satiety, provide energy and do what body does not feel hungry or have a glycemic peak, as when we eat white bread. Consumed in moderation, it is more an ally than an enemy diet.

3. Fruit:weight loss without loosing energy

fruits have fructose, a sugar that promotes weight gain. But its benefits are much greater health. Some diets such as diabetics, exclude the sweetest fruits and therefore more caloric, such as bananas , cherries and avocados, but if you do not have these restrictions ,you may consume them in moderation.Fruits are best eatables for weight loss without loosing energy.

4. Salmon for weight loss without loosing energy:weight loss without loosing energy

Salmon is full of beneficial fats, fatty acids and other compounds that protect the heart, the salmon is a calorie fish, but delicious and fattening and less than a piece of fatty red meat, such as prime rib.

5. Olive oil:weight loss without loosing energy

olive oil has many benefits to the diet if consumed in moderation. Use it as a substitute for butter and oil in stews and baking, never fried foods using it, which can not be part of any diet.

6. Coconut oil:weight loss without loosing energy

Coconut oil is healthy and having smooth taste, can replace oils and butters in various recipes, including sweet.

7. cod liver oil:weight loss without loosing energy

cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A, D and fatty acids, cod oil has many health benefits.

6: Citrus fruits:weight loss without loosing energy

 orange, lemon, pineapple and other citrus fruits can serve dessert on a diet, facilitating weight loss.

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7. Avocado:weight loss without loosing energy

 The avocado is very nutritious, tasty and can be consumed in moderation in diets to lose weight.

8. Walnuts:weight loss without loosing energy

Walnuts can also be consumed in moderation as a snack between meals. But do not overdo it.

9. Chiaweight loss without loosing energy

Chia is rich in iron and has no caloric value. It is also rich in protein, which turns it into a superfood. Sprinkle over fruit juices, vitamins, creams and soups.

10. Crustaceans:weight loss without loosing energy

 Crustaceans are nutritious and lean. But they should be prepared without fat,to not skip the diet. Or think of breaded, “garlic shrimp and oil” and other fat recipes.

11. Honey:weight loss without loosing energy

 Very caloric, the honey is also antibacterial and very nutritious.Consumed in moderation, can replace artificial sweeteners and the dreaded white sugar.

12. Sardines:weight loss without loosing energy

 Despised like a fish “poor”, sardines part of royalty when it comes to nutrition. Rich in fatty acids which are good for the heart, it is believed that its use improves mood.

13. Cod:weight loss without loosing energy

 cod is a fish that are good for the heart. Its lean meat can also be consumed in moderation. Avoid salt water fish because salt increases fluid retention.

14. Broccoli:weight loss without loosing energy

 Tasty and low in calories, enriches the salad and increases satiety.

15. Spinach:weight loss without loosing energy

 Contrary to popular belief, spinach is not rich in iron, but has a high content of vitamin C and E, among many others.

16. Peppers:weight loss without loosing energy

 Peppers and other spices, such as ginger and parsley, are energetic and free of calories. They stimulate the circulatory system, but its use should not be excessive.

17. Oats:weight loss without loosing energy

 Need to eat at least 30 g of fiber daily, to maintain the health of the intestine. Consuming oats has numerous benefits if done the right way. Do not mix with cow’s milk, which causes swelling and hampers the digestion. Sprinkle it on pure juices, smoothies and soups.

Food That Helps You Lose Weight

18. Oat bran:weight loss without loosing energy

Oat bran is almost entirely composed of protein, rather than carbohydrate. Perfect to replace wheat in recipes of breads, pancakes, crepes, cakes and cookies. Absorbs 20 times its size in water, promoting a sensation of satiety. A key investment for any diet.

19. Wheat bran:weight loss without loosing energy

 complements oat bran in the preparation of bread and leaner bodies.

20. Whole Grains:

weight loss without loosing energywhole grains such as oats and wheat, provide carbohydrates of slow digestion, which increases the feeling of satiety and promote weight loss without loosing energy required for the metabolism work well. The rye,flax and other grains promote intestinal transit and are rich in vitamin E, magnesium and other healthful substances.

21. Eggplant:weight loss without loosing energy

 the  eggplant water is widely used for weight loss without loosing energy, but you can also consume this legume without fear. Its aqueous pulp provides many benefits and few calories.

22. Pumpkin:weight loss without loosing energy

 Soups and pumpkin creams are comforting, satiated and have that homemade taste. Ideal for those who are dieting and want to eat something more substantial, without gaining weight. Mix with chayote, cilantro, salt, black pepper and cook kingdom. Pass in a blender and add cream cheese 0% fat to give more flavor and consistency.

23. Sweet potatoes:weight loss without loosing energy

 Rich in fiber and vitamins, is an excellent base for soups and pasta.

24. Cassava:weight loss without loosing energy

 It is rich in  carbohydrate, but contains no gluten and has been used to replace wheat. Boiled in water and salt, is delicious with fried eggs or white cheese. A well leaner combination than a sandwich.

25. Coconut water:weight loss without loosing energy

 With almost zero calories, coconut water is a very beneficial serum to health, full of minerals and substances that only do well. In addition to keeping the body hydrated, coconut water is delicious and can be the basis for green juices, beats and even soups.

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