Health Benefits of SEX

SEX – A Nourishing Act

Active sex life relieves pain, improves sleep and boosts longevity. Sex is good and nourishes your health!!!

The orgasm, for example, is one of the most intimate and delicious sensation for both men and women. It is much more than a signal for the success of a sexual relationship. Furthermore, the orgasm helps men and women to live a quality life. Hence, it is a moment of pleasure that reverberates for several days.

Every day, scientists discover new effects of this organic reaction, improving your emotions and contributing positive changes to your health. However, although providing pleasure and quality of life, a survey conducted by University of São Paulo (USP) revealed that 70% of Brazilians do less sex than getting into conversations based on public research.

Therefore, encourage yourself to improve the situation by bringing what science and the experts are saying out about the benefits of an active sex life to your body. So, the health benefits of sex:


  • Improves the Appearance of Skin

Sex, especially in the morning, is a powerful ally of beauty. It’s the conclusion of a study by the scientists at Queens University (UK). According to researchers, achieving orgasm increases the levels of estrogen, testosterone, and other hormones contributing to the brightness and texture of the skin and hair.

In addition, when orgasm takes place, there is a surface vasodilation of vessels due to temperature increase in some people. Because of this, the skin gets a fresher appearance and the natural brightness of the skin is highlighted.

  • Boosts immunity

A study by Wilkes University, USA, showed that an active sex life increases the levels of an antibody known as IgA ( Immunoglobulin A ), responsible for protecting the body from infections, colds and flu.

  • Improves sleep

The relaxation that orgasm provides helps you sleep better, even on the days of no sex. The reaction has prolonged effect due to the action of neurotransmitters that start acting in your body more regularly and in greater quantity.

  • Burn calories

According to the American Association of Sexuality Educators and Therapists, sexual activity can be a great exercise for the body. This is because half an hour of sex burns, on average, 85 calories. So if you are impatient to go to the gym, why not opt for Sex?

  • Lowers heart attack risk

At the University of Bristol in Britain, a study was conducted for 20 years with more than 3000 men of 45-59 years. The study showed that frequent sex can reduce the risk of fatal heart attacks and strokes. According to the survey findings, sudden deaths caused by heart problems are more common among men who claim to have low or moderate sexual activity.

  • Decreases stress

The doctor is keen to stress that orgasm should not be seen as a calming remedy, but as a part of an effective relationship that brings pleasure. When this happens, stress levels tend to decrease. It’s not only the emotional stability, but also the so-called hormones of stress, such as cortisol, reduces activity. This is based on a Scottish study recently published in the journal of Biological Psychology.

  • Relieves from Menstrual cramps

A gynecologist, Neucenir Gallani stressed that this is not a rule, but it happens to some woman. The movements during sex stimulates the internal organs, feeling relaxed and, therefore, there is reduction in the pain that bothers your well-being in the days before menstruation. “But there are women who, in the premenstrual phase, have no mood for sex and forcing the issue may get worse,” says gynecologist.

  • Relieves migraine attacks

When your partner complains, not wanting sex because of the headache, then you should reverse the excuse in favor of his/her health. According to a doctor, Neucenir Gallani, orgasm releases substances such as endorphins, which act on the nervous system. They lower sensitivity to pain, relaxes muscles and improves mood.

Therefore, in conclusion, improve your sex life to live a healthy and quality life.

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