The Most Popular and 5 Different Types of Heels

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 - Health

High heels are increasingly popular among women. In addition to adding height to people who wear it, heels also make the body posture more upright and give a graceful impression on the appearance. The higher the heels then, the more will make the wearer appear elegantly. In fact, since the first heels known to be very successful increase the confidence of women. Although wearing heels sometimes torture, but for most women, heels are the most must-have fashion item. Because every woman knows that beauty is the pain. But note also when choosing the heels choose a comfortable to wear and in accordance with the shape of your feet. Well, if you want to find heels that suit you, it’s good you recognize the different types of heels:

  1. Stiletto

Stiletto is the first various types of heels; it is a kind of shoe with a pointy and thin right. Stiletto can be said a form that characterizes the identical high heels and which gives the most significant high heels effect on the foot of the wearer. Its large size makes the wearer’s legs look much taller. Stiletto is stunning and elegant to wear to formal events or parties.

  1. Cone heels

Cone Heels is the second different types of heels, and it is a kind of heels with a conical shape. This form of heels resembles a kind of ice cream cone. It is conical at the bottom. Slightly different from the stiletto type, the Cone Heels type has a larger top, while the stiletto is pointy. These heels are usually not very high or have medium heels. These shoes can be used for casual daily look up to formal events. Cone heels are also suitable for you who are still learning to wear high heels.

  1. Wedges

Wedges are the third different types of heels; it is a kind of high heels and thick shoes, so the right cover of the shoe sole from the front or middle to the back. So there is no clear middle part like any other high heels. In women’s shoes, these wedges are usually made higher on the back. Wedges are one of the favorite high heels to wear because it has thick heels. This type is commonly used as an alternative to regular high heels because it is relatively more comfortable when used in the long-term. Wedges suitable for everyday wear when hangout with friends or for a date with the boyfriend.

  1. Block heels

Block Heels is the next different types of heels; it is the right kind of a block model or a little box. In contrast to the stilettos and cones, the heel ends appear boxy and dull. Block heels have a wider higher heel and a flat bottom, making it a bit more comfortable to use than stilettos.

  1. Kitten heels

Kitten heels are high heels that have small and short heels, generally only as long as 3.5 to 4.75 cm. Kitten heels have heels similar to the stiletto but short. These shoes are also the easiest shoes heels for beginners to wear. Kitten heels are suitable for the casual look.