How to Hide Baldness (5 Ways)

How to Hide Baldness

You are starting to get bald and is not ready to admit? Here are some options for hiding baldness for both men as well as women..

Hiding Baldness Step #1.Scrape the head.

A good way to hide the fact that he was going bald is effectively going bald. This may not be an option for women, but for men, bald is the latest fashion!Scrape your head completely and try to keep it shaved. No one will ever know if you’re really going bald or like his shaved head.

Be sure to properly take care of his shaved head. You will need to spend sunscreen to leave home and you may have to change your shampoo.

hiding baldness

Hiding Baldness Step #2.Use hat or any other accessory to cover your head every day.

This can be difficult, since eventually you will have to take it inside. Cap is a good option for men. Sun hats are great for women.
hiding baldness

Hiding Baldness Step #3.Make the hair grow again.

There are many products available to make hair grow again. Care, several products for baldness are expensive and can damage your scalp.
hiding baldness

Hiding Baldness Step #4.Trim the back of the hair so that it looks like the part where the hair is falling.

This will give you the impression that you are fighting baldness, but not, people will only notice that is uniform.

Hiding Baldness Step #5.Use a wig.

If nothing advance, you can buy a wig. It is almost always impossible to tell what a man is wearing a wig, but there is the risk of being obvious. Try to get one that looks like your natural hair. Wigs can also fall easily
hiding baldness
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