How to Neutralize Bleach on Fabric for Decorating Purpose

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 - Tips

Bleach is the one thing anyone looking for when it comes to brightening and disinfecting clothes and fabrics. Bleach works efficiently in cleaning and stripping down dirty spots that hard to clean using regular fabric detergent. However, bleach is a highly corrosive substance. It has the capability of damaging the materials. Don’t worry! There is a simple solution. It is how to neutralize bleach on fabric to avoid damage.

Neutralizing bleach on fabric with appropriate methods

There are suitable methods to neutralize bleach on fabric. These methods are easy to follow, and you will easily protect your materials from bleach damage. Here is the method:

Using the Neutralizing Agent

The most common neutralizing agent in the market is used in washing and usually for decorating or changing the color of fabric products. The neutralizing agent consists of Iye or sodium hydroxide which is functioned as the neutralizer for hypochlorite. If the Iye and hypochlorite are not neutralized, there is a higher chance for the cotton to be destroyed. Therefore, use one of these brands to neutralize bleach, if you’re using it to create decorative effects. The brands are Anti-Chlor, Camden Tablets, Bleach Stop and Hydrogen Peroxide. It is how to neutralize bleach using one of those brands.

  1. Measurement

Different brand of neutralizer, the different amount utilized in the process, for example, Anti-Chloris a rather strong substance which is why one teaspoon per quart of water is more than enough. But Bleach Stop needs a little bit more than that because it requires you to have one-ounce bleach stop per gallon of water.

  1. Bleaching process

It is the process where the fabric is bleached. Remember to always follow the instructions on the bottle to avoid mistakes that would probably harm you.

  1. rinsing

After the fabric is bleached, rinse it with warm water. It is done to get rid of the bleach from your fabric.

  1. Soaking the fabric in neutralizer

Now, soak the bleached fabric in neutralizer which has been mixed with warm water. Leave it for approximately 10 minutes.

  1. Wash and rinse

The last step of how to neutralize bleach on fabric using neutralizer is to wash the bleached and neutralized fabric using warm water and the regular laundry detergent and rinse the fabric well.

That is how to neutralize bleach with the appropriate method using bleach neutralizer on fabric for decorative purposes. Bleach can be utilized not only on fabric but wood as well. The procedure is almost similar. The difference lays on the neutralizing agents that are used for woods which are cheaper than fabrics.

In woods, firstly you have to bleach the woods. Then, rinse the wood when you have achieved the color you desired. After that, mix the neutralizer with water. By using a sponge, gently rub the neutralizing agent to the woods. That is how to neutralize bleach on woods. Bleach can damage your fabric and wood because it is a powerful substance. That is why you need to neutralize the possibility of damage by applying the neutralizing agent to the bleached fabric or woods.