Proper Technique to Floss Your Teeth

Saturday, May 19th, 2018 - Tips

Brushing your teeth alone doesn’t actually remove the plaque and other debris. It is the reason dentist would like to recommend you to follow it by flossing. By doing both of the methods, you can ensure, not only to keep your breath fresher but also reduce the risk of gum problems. However, you still need to learn the correct technique on how to use dental floss. Check out the proper ways below.

Benefits of Flossing

As you do flossing as your dental care routine, you can experience several advantages, including:

  1. Whiten your teeth

Today, floss products have been coated with whitening materials such as microscopic abrasive silica particles or calcium peroxide. Those compounds help to dissolve the excess protein from saliva that causes discoloration on teeth.

  1. Fight bad breath

The particles of food that stuck between your teeth and gums will collect bacteria that resulted with bad breath. By proper flossing, you can remove those problems inside your mouth to get the fresher breath every day.

  1. Promote healthy gum

However, the primary function of flossing is removing bacterial plaque and all the food particles that remain on teeth, instead of bleaching it. By doing this feature, your gum health can be increased, so your teeth will look healthier and brighter.

Correct Flossing Technique

There are several steps you should follow on how to use dental floss in the following tutorial.

  1. First, wash your hands using bath or hand soap thoroughly.
  2. Prepare the floss.

For your information, there are various types of floss, including flavored, unflavored, waxed, and unwaxed. You can choose the one that meets your personal preferences. The forms of floss also come in 2 varieties, including in nylon (multifilament) and PTFE (monofilament). For teeth with wider gaps, you can choose to use tape floss that usually used to clean orthodontic braces.

  1. Break off an 18-inches long piece of the floss which long enough to clean a segment in place from tooth to tooth.
  2. Starting out how to use dental floss, you need to wrap around most of the one side of floss’ tip to your middle to the index finger of one hand. Then, cover the small amount of the other end to middle or index finger of the contrary. However, if you use your middle finger, your index finger can easily manipulate the floss.
  3. Slide the floss between your teeth in the zigzag motion. Do it gently and carefully, so the floss won’t snap between the teeth.
  4. From the floss to make a “C” shape as you wrap it around a tooth.
  5. Pull the floss upward carefully from the gum line to the top part of the tooth, while rolling it along.
  6. Do the same step from one tooth to another. While flossing, keep unrolling the fresh section of floss from your finger of one hand while the other finger of the other hand is rolling the used finger. Use your thumb to help to run and unrolling the floss as a guide.
  7. Thoroughly flossing until the back side of each tooth. Most of you might lazy to continue until those part because it is far reached, but you should know that back side might be the dirtiest part of the teeth. So, do the flossing completely to all part of your teeth.

If you are following the proper technique how to use dental floss, you can ensure that the cleanness of your teeth is guaranteed.