Juice to treat Constipation

Constipation occurs when bowel movements become difficult or less frequent and you have very hard stools that require a great effort and time to evacuate, commonly associated with a sense of cramping and discomfort. Constipation is not necessarily defined by the number of times you go to the bathroom, since normal length of time between bowel movements varies widely from person to person. You can go to the bathroom every two or three days, for example, but if evacuation is not uncomfortable, you are not constipated.

Juice to treat Constipation

Precisely the difficulty to evacuate or the feeling of not having evacuated enough is constipation. In addition, Staying with the constipated state can leave the swollen belly, interfere with skin health. So, Check Juice Recipes against constipation .



  • 2 leaves of cabbage with stalk.
  • 1/4 papaya diced papaya.
  • 1 cup (200ml) of orange juice .
  • 1 leaf lettuce .
  • 2-chopped prunes without core.
  • 1 tablespoon (soup) of chia seed .


Preparation of juices

Beat the cabbage leaves, plum, papaya and orange juice in a blender. Add chia and beat some more. Drink them without strain. Individuals who suffer from this problem constantly need to adopt a new way of eating and should exercise every day. So that the amount of ingested fibers is larger and the peristaltic movements of the intestine are effective in eliminating the feces.

Juice to Relieve Constipation

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