How to Lower Blood Pressure

High pressure also known as hypertension, is a condition where the pressure of  blood moving through the arteries is accelerated. High blood pressure can damage blood vessels, which increases the risk of heart attack, heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. If you have high blood pressure, you can try to control it through diet and change in lifestyle. If you can not lower your blood pressure after making lifestyle changes, medication may be necessary.


1. Have a healthy diet to reduce their chances of developing high blood pressure or lower the pressure if it is already high.

  • Eat 4-5 portions of each of fruits and vegetables per day. You can consume  in form of juices, cooked or canned, but do not forget to eat these raw foods.
  • Choose lean meats such as poultry and fish, and limit to two daily servings of 85g or less.
  • Eat 7 or 8 servings of whole grains daily. You can get more whole grains to your diet by eating whole grain bread, cereals, wheat pasta or rice. Limit fats and oils to 2 or 3 tablespoons per day and cook with oils that are low in saturated fats. These include canola oil and extra virgin olive oil. Also choose condiments and pastinhas with low fat whenever possible.
  • Eat less than 5 servings per week of sweets. By eating sugar, marmalade or jam, a serving is 1 tablespoon. Choose sweets with little or no fat as jelly beans and limit yourself to a single serving.
  • Snack 4 or 5 portions of nuts or seeds per week. The portion is approximately 1/3 cup of nuts or one tablespoon of seeds.

2. Do physical activity to lower risk of blood pressure and heart disease.

Do 30 minutes of exercise at least five days a week. You can do common activities like cleaning the house, raking leaves and gardening. You can also practice more structured exercise such as swimming, jumping rope, running or playing sports.

Walk at least 15 minutes a day. Increase the walking time in 5 minute intervals until you are walking 40 minutes a day.

3. Maintain a healthy weight to reduce your chances of having high blood pressure.

It is a known from medical fact that blood pressure increases with increasing body weight.If you are overweight and suffer from high blood pressure, losing up to 5 kilos can help lower your blood pressure.Consult your doctor if diet and exercise do not help you lose weight.

4. Limit alcohol intake to no more than 2 drinks per day.

The excess alcohol can increase blood pressure and extra calories in drinks contributes to weight gain.



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