Mealtime Effect On Exercises

Mealtime Effect On Exercises

The theory is highlighted by different types of specialists. Nutritionists, endocrine, physical education teachers, personal trainers. When the question is related to the secret to losing weight, they respond with: physical activity and more balanced diet. Putting the theory into practice, some questions arise. “Should I eat before or after exercise?” Or, “what should I eat before and after?”. “If I practice exercises on an empty stomach  will it  burn more calories.” For these advice from a professional is essential in the search for any purpose related to the body and health of it. Paul Zogaib  clarifies some of these issues. First, he says that the ideal is to exercise three hours after the mealtime.


Mealtime Effect on Exercises

mealtime“Of course, when one practices very early activity (for example, those people who do exercise at 6 am), it will not be able to give this range between mealtime and exercise, but if possible, is the most appropriate time, “he says. This does not mean that the morning is not suitable for exercise, but the practitioner’s performance will not be the same if he is fasting. However, Paul warned: “If this (at 6 am) is the only time the person has the availability to practice exercises, I advise him to practice anyway.” mealtimeHe explains that the biological rhythm varies from person to person and you have to respect that. If the person feels better doing physical activity at night, for example, this is the best time for her. Since if this is not your preferred time, but is the only one when you  can practice, the body itself is in charge of the adjustments. Regarding the ideal food before physical activities, the expert states that you should hold good old balanced diet. The proportion of this type of power is:. 65% carbohydrate (within these are cereals, pasta in general, potato), 20% protein and 15% fat. Paul explains that this ratio with the three nutrients goes for all mealtime . “Studies do not show that changes in this ratio promote weight loss. Some people think that reducing, or even removing the power of carbohydrates will lose weight. Carbohydrate is the main fuel for the practice of physical activity. If the person does not eat enough, performance is not the same and therefore implies the reduction of calorie burning, “warns. He concludes by giving a tip to avoid the concertina effect” has the same dedication he had to put on weight, to lose weight, “jokes. Paul ensures that a person is not fattening 10 kilos of a sudden, and not losung weight. “The only way to avoid the concertina effect is actually changing the habits, not only food, but also in relation to physical activity. In short, there is no secret,” emphasizes the expert.

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