Meet seven stretching techniques of cilia

See the pros and cons of methods such as eyelash curler and permanent

Makeup done well is one that stands out above all the eyes . Therefore, over time they have emerged various techniques to lengthen the eyelashes . For the fashion consultant and beauty Alexandre Krizek, the Krizek Institute in São Paulo, a make is not complete without a striking look. So, we talked to who deals directly with the frustration of women who want this effect and we list seven technical eyelash lengthening .Discover and compare the methods.

False eyelashes

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“There are two types of false eyelashes : what is applied across the curvature of the eyelid and what is sold in clumps,” says beauty consultant Alexander. According to the professional, the latter appears not so much artificiality, but can be more work in the application. In both cases, it is used a special glue that can be black or transparent to apply the accessory. It should be removed along with the rest of the makeup at the time of cleaning. If possible, use a special makeup remover for the eye area. After removing the lashes, throw them away. “Reuse is not indicated,” he adds. Watch the video and learn how to apply false eyelashes .

Mascara to eyelashes

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According to makeup artist Juliana Rakoza, Studio W, the mascara that promotes the stretch usually harder and straight. Since the volume that provides tends to be more plump and the bristles messy. Begin by applying the product in the lower lashes from the top down. Repeat on the upper lashes from the bottom up. The color is a matter of taste, but the colorless mask does not usually help lengthen the wires, just to shape eyebrows. She also warns that too much of the mask is not returned in the product edge, because over time this dry buildup and can leave balls on the eyelashes.

wire stretching the wire

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The stretching of the wire wire eyelashes takes about an hour and ahalf to get ready and lasts up to three months. “With the help of a special glue, the professional will by pasting for at the root increasing the length and volume of eyelashes,” explains beautician Margareth Kanashiro of São Paulo. According to her, the use of Cosmetic Removers and masks is not recommended after stretching as weaken the glue. To extend the duration of the procedure, the ideal is to make monthly maintenance, pasting by only in areas that are more depleted. The technical costs on average 150 reais.

Eyelash curler

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The eyelash curler is a metal and rubber pressing device lashes, causing them to be bent and appear to greater length. But the effect of eyelash curler can be rebound: the machine can break the cilia, shortening the wires and reducing the volume. “If the rubber is dry, if the are little resistant or if the person does not know how to use the equipment, they can be torn or broken,” says beauty consultant Alexander. The effect lasts only a few hours and so many women walk with the device in the bag. But be careful because excessive use – more than three times a day – favors the break. With eyelash curler, press the lashes for a few seconds, setting the machine near the root of the lashes. Only then apply the mascara, perfecting the number of layers to ensure the stretch.

Stretching gel

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Some cosmetic brands offer a product similar to a gel that lengthens lashes.In general, they should be applied twice a day and a few weeks later, their hair is naturally longer. “They contain vitamins that help in the growth of the” says beauty consultant Alexander. The disadvantage: they can cause allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, any change of the eyelashes or eyelids, go to a dermatologist.


Bobs - Photo Getty Images

The permanent eyelash is indicated for those with the very straight, giving shorter length printing, points to esthetician Margareth.The technique consists of using a very small bob applied near the root of the lashes. The next step is to bend the hair and apply a special glue so that they are glued to the bob.About an hour later, the product may be removed. “The hard standing up to three months and allows the use of mask and makeup remover,” says the professional. In this case no maintenance, because the sagging will naturally over time. The method costs on average 150 reais.

Powder at the root

Powder Makeup - Photo Getty Images

Care must be taken with the use of homemade techniques to lengthen the eyelashes. One is putting facial powder at the root of the lashes. “Using any other product that is not made specifically for the eye area in this region can be dangerous, causing irritation, allergies and even more serious problems,” says the beauty consultant Alexander.



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