Migraines: Know what to do during a crisis

Have medicine on hand and prefer dark environments helps to get out of trouble

Characterized as a pain of recurrent head, which may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to sound and strong light, migraine affects about 20% of women and 5 to 10% of the male population, according to the Brazilian Society Headache. Among the more than 200 types of headache, a migraine is the richest in symptoms – so it is up to the doctor to make the proper diagnosis. Because there areso many types of headaches, often migraines can not be seen with the relevance and should not seek proper treatment. However, it is extremely important that the disease is accompanied by a professional and take some care during crises, not to aggravate the pain. Check out the tips from the experts and see what to do during a migraine episode:

Have medication to hand

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Patients with frequent migraine headaches and severe pain crisis should always go with your medicines.”This is because some time after the headache starts is a central sensitization process, which keeps the pain and makes it more rebellious to analgesics, reducing its effectiveness,” says neurologist Antonio Cezar Galvao, Pain Centre and Functional Neurosurgery Hospital July 9, in São Paulo. That is, the longer you wait to treat migraine, pain is more resistant to medication. Furthermore, it is important that the drug has been prescribed by your doctor, because each type of migraine and each person improves with a type of painkiller. “Thus, the patient avoids the abuse of simple analgesics, which may not be sufficient for your migraine and even make it chronic,” adds neurologist Valerie Bahia, Samaritano Hospital of São Paulo.

Anticipate a crisis

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When the patient has visual or sensory symptoms before the pain he has called migraine with aura. These feelings can last from a few minutes to an hour, followed by very strong headache. “Among the most common signs of migraine with aura are bright spots or dark spots in mosaic form in the vision and numbness or tingling on one side of the body,” says neurologist Celia Roesler, the Brazilian Headache Society. But according to expert, even migraines without aura can be premeditated because the patient may become restless, sleepy, angry or euphoric, with desire to eat specific foods, especially sweets. “Some patients have symptoms until one day before the crisis as yawns and increased appetite,” says the neurologist Antonio. In such cases, you may already be better prepared for the crisis, canceling appointments and even starting the medication.

Understand what triggers your migraines

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Before leaving following the advice of relatives or friends who also suffer from migraines, know that the triggers for a crisis are different in each person, as well as factors that help ease the symptoms. “The triggering of a crisis can be food, stress, sleep disorders, fasting, climate state, hormonal changes and many others,” says Antonio neurologist. Even some people do not have any specific triggering. Therefore, improving the crisis for one person may not help another, and each one pay attention to their own triggering agents and what can be done to prevent or alleviate the pain when it comes. Some of the most common non – drug treatments include hot or cold compresses, massage, biofeedback therapy,homeopathy and acupuncture .

Treat the symptoms separately

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Of all types of headaches, migraine is the richest of symptoms. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sensitivity to light, smells, noises and movements, irritability, drowsiness and depression are just some of the discomforts that can accompany a crisis. “As the analgesic only treats migraine pain, patients who have these other symptoms very sharply should treat them topically,” explains neurologist Celia. This care is redoubled with those suffering from vomiting as it can lose painkillers, needing to go to the emergency room to receive intravenous drugs. “When the patient reports severe vomiting is convenient medicate it with an anti-emetic in conjunction with pain medications – and some antiemetics seem to have even an effect on pain,” adds Antonio neurologist.

Rest in a dark place and quiet

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During a crisis the patient does not support noisy environments and bright, can these factors be even triggering the table. “People with migraine have neurochemical abnormalities that make your brain more? Irritable? Than others, responding to exaggerated to stimuli like light and noise, “explains Antonio neurologist. Thus, during a crisis, the ideal is to sit the bed? what is most comfortable – in a place with little light and no noise, so as to avoid conversations and activities that take home. “Those with weaker migraines can improve completely with rest, eliminating the use of painkillers,” says neurologist Valerie.

Eat lightly and moisturise,

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Although the triggering of its crisis is not the food, a rich light diet in liquid at the time of crisis can be very helpful.Where no vomiting, prolonged fasting can even aggravate migraine. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated as much water as moisturizing solutions available in the market. “However, if the patient is vomiting, it is best not to eat solid food and, in severe cases, seek prompt attention for more potent injectable medications,” explains neurologist Celia.

Prepare in the days of stress

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“While there are several triggers of a migraine, the most important trigger is undoubtedly the emotional stress,” says Celia Roesler. Situations like many hours in traffic, charges on labor, excessive working hours and family discussions contribute to the patient’s brain to produce more norepinephrine a vasoconstrictor which further aggravate the headache. As it is impossible to completely get away from stress and is not always easy to avoid it, it is important that the patient is already prepared for a crisis in days that he knows will be more difficult.Keep medications on hand, already do a lighter diet and consider leaving work early when possible, are some alternatives.



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