How to Fix Your Teeth without Braces

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018 - Tips

Some people might feel unconfident due to their crooked teeth which make they can’t smile prettily. But, the only way to straighten the teeth is only by using braces. They don’t like to put the metallic braces on their teeth. They might start to wonder, “Is there any way how to fix teeth without braces?” The answer is yes. Check out the following tips to straighten your teeth without painful braces.

Teeth Conditions Correctable without Braces

Remember, how to fix teeth without braces can’t be applied to all teeth conditions. People who have these following conditions can get an orthodontic treatment without braces, including:

  • Minor overcrowding teeth that slightly crooked which usually can be resolved by using retainers.
  • Malocclusion that only requires jaw position adjustment
  • The underdeveloped palate that uses expanders to widen the palate to create space so the teeth can move into correct positions.

Ways to Fix Your Teeth without Braces

  1. Retainers

The first method on how to fix teeth is by using retainers. It comes in two types, including fixed or removable. Fixed retainers are usually used as a long-term solution which attached to the inner surface of the teeth. Meanwhile, removable or Hawley retainers are made to fit the shape of a mouth. It is made from metal wires and acrylic for upper and lower arches for helping to brace and straighten the teeth. Removable retainers are usually used by those who want to correct their smile appearance. Although it can be easily removed for your special occasion when you don’t want to show your retained teeth, it also can be quickly gone when you forget where you put it the last time.

  1. Appliances

First, you can opt for Herbst appliance which has the function to help to correct jaw imperfection to straighten your teeth. The metal extension of the tool is attached to the molars in a forward direction to correct the bite. So, the lower and upper jaw can meet to form perfect teeth. The application usually takes a year until the lower jaw shifts into a correct position.

Second, you can choose to use headgear application which usually uses to correct protruding upper teeth in children. This condition causes children to suffer from excessive overbite. The appliance will give pressure to the upper teeth and haw, so both can come into position simultaneously. They might recommend using the headgear for several hours a day until some improvements appear.

  1. Palatal Expanders

In some cases, children might have the small mouth to contain all adult teeth in the future. How to fix teeth in this condition, an orthodontist will recommend inserting palatal expander to widen the upper teeth’s arch. The expander is cemented to the upper molars. By expanding the arch, there will be more spaces for teeth to move into correct positions naturally. Gradually, the expander will be adjusted to the jaw so it might send some discomfort to the patients.

However, the treatment above might only work with the specific condition of each people. As you talk with your orthodontic, they will know what kind of method how to fix your teeth without braces depending on your orthodontic issues.