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How to perform Inclined Crunches with Feet Attached

Crunches are the best abdominal exercises. To perform inclined crunches with feet attached, follow the steps below:

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Step 1: Put yourself in the initial position


Inclined Crunches

1. Find an inclined bench.

This exercise works best if you have a seat with footrest where can fit.

2. Sit on the Bench With your Knees Bent

Inclined Crunches

Your feet should be on top of it.

3. Lie down so that your torso be declined.

Inclined Crunches

Place the side of the hands of your neck or behind it.


Step 2: Perform the inclined crunches

1. Raise the trunk bending your waist and hips.

Inclined Crunches

Make sure that your abdominals are always contracted. Lift up until the back is completely detached from the bank.

2. Come down slowly until your shoulders touch the inclined surface of the bank.

Inclined Crunches

3. Repeat as often as deemed necessary

Step 3 : Advanced Version

1. To make this exercise a little harder, put your hands above your head

Inclined Crunches

2. You can also put more incline bench or hold weights while performing the exercises

Inclined Crunches

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Frequency of doing the inclined crunches

1. Do 10 to 20 repetitions of the exercise per set.

Inclined Crunches

2. Repeat until you have completed 3 sets.
3. To feel the results, the goal is to do 3 sets, three days a week for 5 weeks.

For best results, increase the number of sets or repetitions of the exercise.

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