Exercises – Tips for better performance and safety


As important as doing physical activity is to practice it safely. And so that your workouts do not bring you problems, care must be taken.


1. Heating.

Before actually starting the exercise, you need to make a specific heating. Stretching, walking and doing repetitive movements are some of the necessary information to warm the body.”Heat is exactly what the body needs before the essential exercise,increase¬†body temperature, increase the intensity of the heartbeat and increase the amount of blood in the muscles,” said Zogaib. An important feature of this warming is increasing the intensity gradually, until the body is ready for more activity driven and used to the movements. “This preparation is important for the body as adjustments to improve the efficiency of the exercise,” he says.physical

2. Dress.

Clothing should also be chosen carefully.Always choose lightweight cotton clothing or special fibers (such as cool weather and dry feet) and avoid plastic or nylon fabric. It is important to prioritize materials that facilitate heat exchange between the body and the environment. “The lighter fibers avoid dehydration,” said Zogaib. It’s not just the clothes that need attention.Inappropriate shoes can greatly prejudice the outcome of the exercise and usually cause orthopedic injuries to athletes. “The wide shoelaces, for example, increase the chances of twists,” says physiologist. As exercisers the impact is very large, you must use shoes that decrease. If no such impact absorption, the probability of causing blisters, tendonitis and facites (plantar inflammation) is greater. The little airy shoes also affect, as mycoses arise in a hot and humid environment.physical

3. Sun.

“a sun protection is essential to factor in at least 15,” says Zogaib. Usually when practicing a physical activity, you do not realize how high the temperature is mainly because the wind gives a refreshing feeling. The caps are also indicated, but it is important to take them out from time to time or water them, so they do not cause an effect “greenhouse” in the head and impair the heat exchange with the environment.physical

4. Safety.

When deciding to play sports outdoors, give preference to parks and beaches, as the streets hardly provide a good framework for this? as little uneven ground, protection for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, “stop all the time to cross or dodge pedestrians who walk slowly on the sidewalks will only slow the pace of activity and prejudice the outcome,” recalls physiologist. The soil also causes problems, since the cement and asphalt are not indicated due to the large impact they have on the exercise. If the activity is done on the beach, beware of soft sand, which can cause blisters and burns because of friction.

5. Hydration before and after a physical exercise.

The importance of staying hydrated during all physical activity? and not only in exercise but also as day-to-day? It is well known. To facilitate Zogaib explains how to choose between water and isotonic to hydration. “A person of 60 kg, losing more than 1.2 kg for the activity should take isotonic or ORS, but if it is less than this, the water is enough.” This difference is because when you lose more than 2% of body mass in the activity, it is necessary to make replacement of minerals and not only of the net. To be able to observe this loss safely, take the average weight loss in a week of training.

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