Pomegranates – Healthiest Fruit on EARTH

Pomegranates, scientific name, punica granatum is a life saving fruit. It is rich in water, potassium and antioxidants. Besides the red and pink berries of bittersweet flavor, it is an exotic fruit that has immense properties beneficial to the body and therefore to health.

Pomegranate helps in maintaining low cholesterol and blood pressure levels and its vitamin C protects against colds.


Variety in Pomegranates

Given the low domestic production of pomegranate, a vast majority of pomegranates is consumed in Portugal, Spain and Iran. Particularly, in the region of Andalusia, which produces some of the most juicy and nutritious varieties.



The best are large and heavy, with more seeds and a firm and brown bark. But if you find pomegranates from Afghanistan, having very bright red shade and at least 10 cm in diameter, do not hesitate.

They are known as the best pomegranates in the world!!!

Why it is so healthy?

  • It has no fat, only carbohydrates (and even then in small quantities) that gives us power immediately, and high water content, which gives it an incomparable succulence and helps maintain healthy and hydrated body.
  • It has a significant amount of potassium, which, combined with its low level of sodium, helps replenish the water level of the cells. This translates into a more efficient recovery of cells, improvements in the nervous and muscular system and reducing blood pressure.
  • It is rich in antioxidants (flavanoids, pro-vitamin A, vitamin C and tannin). Tannin is responsible for the rough feel of the pomegranate flavor that helps in controlling cholesterol levels.
  • It also has an impressive anti-inflammatory effect on digestive system and helps in purifying the blood.
  • Pomegranate may help in treating erectile dysfunction.

How it benefits us?

It is a fruit recommended for diabetics to have nearly zero amounts of sucrose (0.2 g per 100 g). In addition, it helps you lose weight because it is low in calories and has a mild diuretic effect.

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It is highly digestible and is suitable for gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, ulcers or flatulence, and in the prevention of hemorrhoids. More important is the fact that it is an excellent ally against stress, hypertension and high cholesterol, heart disease or even cancer, especially prostate.


Select pomegranates that weigh more in proportion to its size, no cuts or dents and with nuts brightly colored. Although you can find pomegranates for sale throughout the year. The time when its organoleptic properties (color, flavor, aroma) are more accurate ranges from early October to mid-December.

In India, Pomegranate symbolizes prosperity and fertility.

If you want to enjoy the mentioned benefits to your health, either EAT IT or DRINK its juice.

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