How to Get Rid of Laryngitis

Thursday, May 24th, 2018 - Tips

Laryngitis is an inflammation that occurs in the larynx (voice box) due to overuse, irritation, or due to some infection. The swollen vocal cords in the larynx make the sound hoarse or sometimes cause you to be unable to speak entirely. Most cases of laryngitis will heal itself within a week, and the healing process can be accelerated with proper care at home. In rare occasions, laryngitis is caused by a severe throat infection requiring medical treatment. But now, we will let you know how to get rid of laryngitis in the home.

  1. Rest your voice

Most hoarseness occurs because of too much talk, especially if you have to increase the volume continuously (tighten the sound) for your voice to be heard. Some situations that can trigger laryngitis in the short term include noisy restaurant/bar, music concert, and industrial environment. However, laryngitis that occurs due to overuse can recover more quickly. Therefore, the first thing on how to get rid of laryngitis is by resting your voice for a day or two is usually the first important step to restore your voice. If you are in a noisy place, do not talk too much or get closer to the ears of the person you want to talk to. Do not shout and repeat your words. In addition to hoarseness or loss of sound, several other symptoms of laryngitis include dry throat, sore throat, tingling sensation in the throat that triggers a dry cough, and accumulation of mucus in the throat.

  1. Do not dehydrate

Adequate fluid requirement makes the mucous membranes in the throat moist, thus helping to reduce inflammation and discomfort. With little irritation, you will less often cough and not too often trying to clean the throat. Both are factors that can prolong laryngitis/hoarseness. The second thing you should do on how to get rid of laryngitis is do not consume carbonated drinks because it can tickle the throat and trigger a prolonged cough.

  • Start by drinking eight glasses of water a day to meet fluid requirements and keep the mucous membranes in the throat/larynx moist.
  • Try using hot water and given extra honey and lemon.
  1. Gargle using an antiseptic solution

The next thing on how to get rid of laryngitis is by using an antiseptic. A throat infection can also turn into laryngitis. The most common are viral infections, although fungal and bacterial infections can also trigger hoarseness. If you suspect that your laryngitis is caused by an infection, gargle with an antiseptic solution capable of killing various microorganisms. Half a teaspoon of salt mixed with one glass of warm water can be effective against bacteria and some other microbial. Gargle for at least one minute every one hour until the irritation/throat in your throat goes away and your voice recovers as before.

  1. Avoid things that make the throat irritated

When you rest your voice and gargle with antiseptics, be careful not to inhale or consume things that can irritate the throat, it is the last thing on how to get rid of laryngitis. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, consuming carbonated beverages, consuming sweetened milk products and inhaling dust and smoke from household cleaners can irritate the throat and make laryngitis worse.