How to Detect Stomach Cancer Symptoms

Thursday, August 10th, 2017 - Tips

From the various type of cancer, stomach cancer is one of them which hard to detect in the early stage. But, after it gets into a chronic state, the disease can cause extreme pain, and the worst is incurable. It is the reason you should learn how to recognize stomach cancer symptoms. By knowing the symptoms, the doctor can help you to treat cancer as earliest as possible.

Stomach Cancer Symptoms

In the early stage, the signs of cancer aren’t accurate which might diagnose to be caused by other illness, including indigestion, heartburn, a little bit of nausea, bloating stomach after the meal, and loss of appetite. Only one sign doesn’t simply mean you have stomach cancer. But, when you start to experience the symptoms frequently you should talk with your doctor who knows how to recognize stomach cancer symptoms. After that, when cancer starts to grow, the symptoms are getting more severe, including pain around the stomach, vomit, trouble swallowing, constipation or diarrhea, severe heartburn, unexplained weight loss, swelling in the stomach, and blood in your stool.

Stomach Cancer Diagnose

Getting a diagnosis is the fastest way on how to recognize stomach cancer symptoms as early as possible. The doctor will do some physical exam and check your medical history to learn if you have shown the symptoms of stomach cancer. Later, the doctor will run some test to you, including:

  • Blood test, including H. pylori bacteria present analysis, to examine the signs of cancer in the body.
  • Upper endoscopy by inserting a thin and flexible tube down to the throat. The end of the tube has been attached to a small camera to help look for the signs at the esophagus and stomach. You will also take upper GI series test by drinking a chalky liquid of barium to coat the stomach so that it can show up clearly on X-rays.
  • CT-scan and X-rays will be followed to do some imaging tests to get the detailed pictures inside your body.
  • Last, you will also run biopsy test by taking a tissue sample from the stomach. By using the microscope, a doctor will examine the signs of cancer cells.

Preventing Stomach Cancer

Instead of being already in the state of knowing how to recognize stomach cancer symptoms, isn’t it better to prevent the illness? You can do these following prevention activities.

  • Don’t and stop smoking, because it is not only causing but also doubling the risk of stomach cancer and any other health problems.
  • Start following the healthy diet. Food rich in fiber and vitamins can help lower the cancer risk. So, you need to increase consuming vegetables and fruits in your daily menu. Avoid overeating processed or fast, salty or spicy, and smoked foods.
  • Keep your weight balanced. Overweight or obese people have the higher risk of suffering from stomach cancer.
  • If you get ulcers from H. pylori infection, get treated as soon as possible. The doctor will usually prescribe some antibiotics to kill the bacteria and heal the sores.

When you can be treated as early as possible, the chance of cancer to be curable is higher than when it’s detected later. So, avoiding the worst case is the best, by early learning on how to recognize stomach cancer symptoms.