Sex: in what situations it is contraindicated?

Understand the recommendations when it comes to sex during menstruation or low immunity

It is indicated to sex during pregnancy ? Can you have sex during menstruation ?Some situations that generate doubt about whether you can or can not do without major problems. Check out when it is released and at what time is best to wait

Sex during menstruation

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If both parties are healthy, there is no real contraindication, especially in cases of long lasting and monogamous relationship. And this risk extends not only to sex involving penetration but also for oral relations which can be practiced duringmenstruation with due care.

There are cases where the person is uncomfortable with the presence of blood, and therefore avoids sexual intercourse during this period. The situation should be discussed between the couple, who will choose whether or not to maintain relations.
It is also contraindicated dispense condoms. “When woman is menstruating she releases blood, facilitating the transmission of diseases by blood, such as HIV and syphilis,” recalls Sylvia. “It is also likely to contract some kind of infection, since the vessels in the region are more sensitive,” he adds.
When it comes to sex during menstruation, so the question arises: is it possible to get pregnant during menstruation? The answer is no. According to the gynecologist and sexologist Sylvia Cavalcanti, president of Sexology Commission of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology Obstetrics (FEBRASGO), menstruation is due to endometrial shedding, which is inappropriate to receive the fetus, and no ovulation during this period. “But people sometimes confuse minor bleeding intermenstrual with menstruation, and these can even be ovulatory bleeding,” he says. Thus, if a woman has sex during menstruation she will not get pregnant, but you must be mindful of the type of bleeding. If an ovulatory bleeding, for example, is the best time for pregnancy.It may also be the case in wounds, severe cracking or diseases, which should be investigated.

When sex causes pain

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Affecting predominantly women, pain during sex can also be called dyspareunia .According to the gynecologist Fabio Rosito, the frame can be driven by organic factors, such as bacterial infections, wounds in the region of the vulva and endometriosis, but may also be a result of psychological issues such as trauma, insecurity, lack of sexual desire and problems with regard to sexuality. “Anyway, pain during sex should be investigated,” he says.

Men can also suffer from pain during sex, but is less common. The main causes include infections, cracks and sores in the genital area, which may be a consequence of friction and then sexually transmitted diseases. Although less common, penile pain during intercourse should also be investigated.
Anal sex also should not cause pain in every relationship, says urologist Augusto Cunha Campos Gonçalves Hospital Belo Horizonte. “Take some care prevents pain, such as the use of lubricants and be with the body relaxed, no stress.” The couple must be in tune and comfortable with the situation, ensuring the pleasure of the act for both sides.

Sex during a urinary tract infection

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“Women with urinary infections could hardly have sex because of the pain,” says gynecologist Salette Rios at the University of Brasilia. The vagina is very close to the urethra, both are divided by only one muscle. So during the sexual act itself there is trauma to the urethra. “If the person already has a propensity or has low immunity, the sexual act itself cause recurrent infections”, says sexologist Sylvia. The sexual act, especially when excessive, can cause a tear in the structure in the urethra, which intensifies the pain and hinders the healing of the infection. “The recommendation is to discontinue the relationship during the treatment, which lasts three days in general,” says Sylvia.

Sex without making intimate hygiene

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Much is said about the intimate hygiene after sex – however, hygiene is also required to start it. “Sometimes a simple relationship can transmit an infection, which are not always STDs,” says Sylvia Cavalcanti. Substances like sweat and secretions are more present when there is inadequate personal hygiene, facilitating infection. “There are also micro-organisms can live normally in the body of some people and be harmful to others, and this exchange can be problematic,” adds the expert, stating that condom use is already contributing to reduce this risk. Cleaning does not need to be done immediately before sex, just make sure that the inner area is sanitized. “Neutral soaps are the most suitable, the example of coconut soap.”

Sex during treatment for STDs

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“The ideal is to stop sexual activity during treatment of STDs,” explains gynecologist Salette. First to prevent the transmission, once the patient is still carrying the virus or bacteria in the body, because the second treatment may impair immunity, and sex only aggravate this situation, complicating recovery.

Sex during pregnancy

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Sex during pregnancy is still a taboo among many couples. In the third trimester, when the belly has grown considerably, there is the fear of hurting the baby or burst the bag ahead of time – however, penetration is not sufficient to achieve or hurt the baby. Including hormonal changes can increase sexual desire and the act can narrow the couple’s ties at that time. “Generally, pregnant feels comfortable to get it from the third month, when the nausea and pain tend to disappear,” says Sylvia Cavalcanti.

There are more positions shown for each stage of pregnancy , especially considering the growth of the belly and the discomfort that it can cause to the couple.”But these rules do not apply to women at risk of pregnancy, and sexual practice is totally contraindicated if any chance of miscarriage or premature birth, since intense activity of the sexual act can increase the risk,” said the expert.

Sex with low immunity

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Everyone who is immunocompromised have more risk of getting infections in any contact, not just sexual. The main causes of low immunity are the use of corticosteroids, pregnancy and infection by HIV , and in these cases is more than recommended the use of condoms. But lighter diseases such as dengue fever or influenza, also call attention to sexual activity, since physical effort can hinder recovery.According to the experts, malaise caused by the disease itself can also be an impediment to sex.

Sex with sores or cracks in the inner region

In cases of wounds the cracks, the ideal is to stop sexual activity

“In cases of wounds the cracks, the ideal is to stop sexual activity,” says Augusto urologist. Avoid clothes that rub the place for healing, maintaining hygiene area with close attention and monitor closely wound are other measures. Excluding the cases arising from friction or waxing, the cracks in the vulva, anus or penis may occur by the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. If there is any swelling, inflammation or infection in the affected area, seek medical help.



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