Main Side Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, is a mind altering plant. Although it can be used as a medicinal plant to provide relief from pain and to assist in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, depression, multiple sclerosis and many more. It is a plant that causes addiction and physical dependence which may cause side effects such as :

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side effects

  • Increases the risk of onset of schizophrenia
  • Can cause chronic psychotic symptoms
  • Insomnia
  • Withdrawal symptom if reduced
  • Increases the risk of personality disorder
  • May cause delusions
  • It has a hypnotic effect
  • Causes a decrease in memory
  • Hinders learning
  • Can cause anxiety
  • Increases the chances of Depression
  • Causes confusion and irritability


These side effects usually occur when the plant is misused without medical guidance and in exaggerated quantities, and not consumed in the form of medicines.

side effects

Cannabidiol is a drug made from marijuana that has the therapeutic properties of marijuana. But it does not have the addictive effect on the body similar to the plant.

marijuanas-side effects

In Brazil, you can not buy medicine made from marijuana because of the lack of approval from ANVISA. In other countries such as United States, Canada, Uruguay and Israel, you can purchase as they approve its use.

Main Side Effects of Marijuana

Therefore, Marijuana is a mind altering plant.

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