Proper Steps to Take Off Braces at Home

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 - Tips

Some people might feel uncomfortable to have unorganized teeth. So, they try to put braces on for years. However, sometimes we experience an emergency situation which requires taking it off immediately. Or, some of you might don’t have time or cost to meet the orthodontist and decide try to take it off by yourself. Here are some proper steps you can follow on how to take off braces at home. Check out!

Check Your Type of Braces

Before learning on how to take off braces at home, you should know what kind of braces you put on. There are different types of braces to meet the specific needs in every person because none works for everyone. The orthodontist will check your teeth condition then prescribe the best appliance. Each of them also requires different care of treatment.

Metal braces are the traditional type of braces which have been mostly modified recently in lighter weight and more structured than before. The braces are made from stainless steel and use metal brackets then linked with a thin archwire each other. This type of braces usually is the most affordable braces for adults. However, they are not only obvious but also irritate your gums and cheeks at first.

Metal braces are the type of braces that you might carefully remove by yourself. Although there are other types of braces, including ceramic, lingual, and invisible braces, they require the hand of professional to remove them.

How to Remove Braces at Home

Follow the steps on how to take off braces at home below.

  1. Prepare the tools, including small pliers and tweezer.
  2. Make sure to disinfect and sterilize all the tools beforehand.
  3. Positioned the pliers so it can grab the bracket in strong tweeze position then pull it at once.
  4. Do the step repeatedly until all the brackets pull off from your teeth
  5. You will see some bracket cement remains on your teeth. You can carefully scrape it with the tweezer.
  6. Take a note, the steps above can result in rough effect. So, you still need to left the job in the professional hand for the clean result.

Is It Okay to Take off Braces at Home by Yourself?

Actually, it’s not recommended to remove braces at home by yourself, especially when you don’t have the proper tools or knowledge to do the proper removal. There is no official dictionary about how to take off braces at home. First of all, it’s highly unwise to do-it-yourself braces removal because it might damage the enamel of your teeth. The braces are cemented on our teeth so that it can stick stronger. If you remove the braces by yourself, maybe you can remove the brackets and wires, but the cement will remains on your teeth.

The worst, if you use pliers to take it off fiercely, you might damage your teeth or the brackets left out and pierced inside your mouth then ready to draw some blood. The reason is you should put off your effort to professional because they use unique solution and skills to break down the cement without damaging your white teeth.

You don’t want to end up spending more money after damaging your teeth, do you? So, if you are unsure how to take off braces at home by yourself, meet your dentist to get some consultation about the removal.