How to Stimulate Gum Growth Naturally

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 - Tips

There are various reasons why a person needs to stimulate the gum growth. Some people may experience a natural gum recession, and some will experience gum recession, as they get older. Gingivitis recession may cause periodontitis, which is a gum infection that can damage bone and tissue in the tooth. In addition to maintaining oral hygiene, several steps can be done to stimulate healthy gum growth. However, you also still need to consult a dentist if gum damage is happening fast enough.

stimulate the gum growth

Taking care of the gums

  1. The first thing to stimulate the gum growth is to taking care of your gums.

Gently brush your teeth and gums with a soft brush. Be sure to brush in a circular motion without pressing too strongly so that the gums are not bleeding and damaged. Try to provide a massage that will help stimulate the gums. Also make sure you already clean your teeth in the right way, such as:

  • Place the toothbrush brush on the tooth surface near the edge of the gum with a 45-degree angle position. You can start brushing your teeth on your upper teeth or your back teeth on one side of your mouth.
  • Brush in a circular motion from top to bottom for about 20 seconds for each section.
  • Clean every part of the tooth, starting from the teeth commonly used for chewing, teeth close to the cheek and tongue. Make sure all tooth surfaces are brushed, so plaque or food remnants attached to teeth can be lost.
  • To clean the surface in your front teeth, you should hold the toothbrush vertically or use the tip of your toothbrush head and brush in a circular motion from the edge of the gum to the top of the tooth. Make this repetitive motion as much as 2-3 times.
  • Change your usual toothbrushing pattern if needed. Sometimes, brushing your teeth, in the same way, it just makes other unusual passable parts neglected.
  • If you start from the upper molars, then you will finish your sweep on the lower molars. You will spend about 2-3 minutes to brush all parts of your teeth.
  • Finally, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth with water until clean. By cleaning your teeth in the right way, it will stimulate the gum growth.
  1. Take a dental floss, and use it to clear the sidelines of the tooth until it reaches the gum line. If your gums bleed, gargle with water.
  2. Visit the dentist if the gums show no signs of growth after several months. Several surgical actions can be done to improve the growth of the gums, and the dentist can choose one that fits your gum problem precisely.

Using baking soda.

  1. The second thing to stimulate the gum growth is by using the baking soda. Combine three tablespoons baking soda and one teaspoon of water in a small cup. Stir this mixture, then add water to form a paste.
  2. Dip one of your fingers into a paste of baking soda and apply it to the outer gum line. Place your thumb on the inner gum line, behind the other finger. Gently massage gums with your fingers. Give massage with a circular motion to stimulate the growth of the gums.
  3. Massage the entire surface of the gums with baking soda paste. Cake soda can neutralize the acid that is the source of bacterial food in the mouth, and prevent gum damage. Also, baking soda can also improve circulation in the gums, and spur its growth.
  4. Rinse your whole mouth with water. Next, gargle with mouthwash. That is the thing you can do to stimulate the gum growth.