How to Stretch your Back?

How to Stretch your Back

The back is one of your body parts prone to injury. Stretching them regularly can help keep muscles flexible and a more flexible spine, while protecting it from damage during exercise. You can stretch your back while doing yoga, exercising at home, in the gym and even in the office. If you want to know how to stretch your back, follow the methods below:


Method 1: Yoga Poses that stretch your back

1. Make the cat pose.

Stretch your back

Get on your knees and put your hands in front of you , palms down and fingers pointing toward your opposite direction. Put your head down and the spine up, while turning back and lengthens the spine. .If you have a neck injury, be sure to keep it straight with the torso and do not force your chin toward your chest.

Also, if you have difficulty rotating the back, ask a friend to put your hands in the middle of your shoulders as you force the spine toward it.


2. Do the pose of the hero.

Sit with legs bent toward the knees and calves and feet bent sideways, with the soles of the feet up. The big toe of each foot must touch the sides of your body, or at least close to it. Place your hands on your lap. The pose of the hero, will help you stretch your back and relieve your tired legs after a long day. If you feel the position of the hero without stretching your back, it becomes a good alternative to the lotus position in meditation.

3. Do the exercise of cat and dog.

Stretch your back

In this series of exercises, the cat pose flows to turn the pose of the dog and both round the espinham and become concave. The momentary slight tension in the spine helps increase flexibility and reduce pain. Switch to the cat’s position slowly, putting your hands in front of you , palms down and fingers up. Bend your back and make it concave. Gently pull your body up. Hold each position for five seconds. In yoga, the dog exercise is also known as cow exercise.

4. Make pose crocodile.

Stretch your back

To do this pose, you need to lie on your stomach, bend your elbows and lift the chest and torso until your chest is a few centimeters from the ground. The crocodile pose, especially if done together with breathing exercises will help to reduce feelings of anxiety, and stretch your back.

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Method 2. Other stretches for your back


1. Rotate your hips with your back on the floor.

Stretch your back

This exercise turn the lower body in the opposite direction from the top, stretching and flexing the spine. First, lie down with your back on the floor, bend your left knee and turn to the right. Keep your arms extended on the floor and look up or left, thus obtaining an even greater stretch. .While turning your body from one side to the other, make sure to use a slow, fluid motion to avoid injuries. Keep the abdominal contracted to serve as support for the back muscles.

2. Make a lumbar flexion with ball.

Stretch your back

With this exercise, you will double your body over an exercise ball before you stretch your back. Curve on top of the ball in a way that your pelvis and your stomach get comfortable. Put your hands behind your head and raise your body, leaving your back concave. The ball exercises gives extra support and help the spine to bend naturally, as you stretch your back. .Distribute the weight of the glutes and calves in order to maintain a stable basis for the exercise.

3. Make a neutral stretching 90/90.Stretch your back


This type of exercise allows you to relax both your back as calves. First, lie on your back on the floor and put your legs together. Lift your knees to let your thighs perpendicular to the floor and the chin parallel to it.Keep your arms at your side as you feel your back being stretched. .From the position 90/90,  you can bring your knees toward your chest to stretch back further. You can remove the seat and tilt the legs to the sides, keeping the back pressed against the floor.

4. Make a twist of sitting spine.

This exercise requires you to sit on the floor and rotate your torso to one side, from the waistline, thus elongating the back. First, sit down with your legs straight. Turn the knee until it is up and move it toward your right thigh. Keep the right leg extended while keeping the left knee is up, and turn to the left. Place your right elbow next to your left knee, thus intensifying the stretch. Keep the stretching position for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side. .Concentrate on lengthening the upper body, as well as the ends. If you are stretching to the left, try looking over his left shoulder, it will intensify the stretch. Do the same on the right. The movement is similar to the lord of the fishes in yoga, apart from the fact that the legs are extended, not contracted under the gluteus.

5. Make a spine rotation with the upper body.

simple seated twist

Doing this stretch will help increase the flexibility of the upper back. Breathe deeply during exercise and expand the lower side area of his back, as the area of the lower rib opens.
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6. Make pose stamp on pilates.

Stretch your back

This pose requires good flexibility and should be avoided if you have any back injury. However, for those who are in good shape,bend the lower back and at the same time, strengthen the abdominal muscles. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and lift your legs until your thighs are almost vertical to the shins. Put your feet together, but leave space between the shins and thighs. Move your arms through the space between the thighs, putting under the calves and make them touch, placing them around the ankles. Hold this pose for 20 seconds, if it considers comfortable

Method 3 : Stretch your back in office

1. Take a seated twist.

Stretch your back

This is a good stretch for the back that can be done without getting up from the chair. Sit with your back straight and rotate your torso from side to side, moving the waist, stomach, back and shoulders in the same direction. Once you have made the procedure for 15 to 20 seconds, return to the original positional and do the exercise to the other side. Do the exercise slowly and carefully. If you turn too fast or too extend the move, you can injure your back or neck.

  • To increase the degree of twist, place one hand on the opposing knee and gently pull it back. If you are hoping left, place your right hand on the outside of the left knee.
  • If you are turning left, look over your left shoulder. If you are hoping right, look over your right shoulder.
  • You can put your arms next to the chair you are using to stretch. If you are stretching to the left, put both arms on the left side of the chair.

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2. Rotate your shoulders.

Stretch your back

You can do this stretch not only in the office but during the work itself. Sit with your back straight, rotate your shoulders back in a circular motion, ten to fifteen times, wait a few seconds and rotate them forward. Look forward while rotating the shoulders. Shrug before or after trying this stretch.

3. Give a hug in itself.

This simple movement stretches the shoulders and upper back. Place your right arm over your left shoulder and your left spleen on the right shoulder, as if you are giving a hug. Hold this position for at least ten seconds, breathing rhythmically to relieve body tension. .

4. Make leg hug.

Stretch your back

This movement will stretch your back, neck and shoulders. Sit on the edge of your seat, but if it has wheels, put it leaning against a table or wall. Place both feet on the ground and tilt the trunk, causing it to get close to or touch the knees. Let your arms to touch the ground, as if you were a rag doll. Put your hands behind your legs, with your dominant hand holding the wrist, forearm or elbow opposite. Hold this position for at least ten seconds and then release. Repeat the process for at least two or more, if you feel that it works.

5. Stand up and touch your toes

Stretch your back

This stretch is simple but efficient. It serves to stretch the entire length of their quotas. Stand with your back straight and lean to pull the fingers. If you can not reach them, all right, just go towards them even if they stay away from touching them. The descent of the movement lengthen your back. Keep knees locked and not bent. Hold the stretch for at least ten seconds, return to starting position and repeat the process five times. Avoid turning too fast or all the blood goes to your head.

6. Make shoulder stretching together with the arm.

Stretch your back

This stretch is effective not only for the shoulders, but also to the back. You can do it without getting up from the chair. Place your right arm on the left side of your body, making it pass through the chest with the forearm touching your left elbow. Stretch the left arm to secure the right next to the biceps and your left elbow. Moving it close to the body while feeling the stretch in your right shoulder. Keep the elongation over a period of 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat the process on the left side.

7. Lengthen the upper back.

stretch your bck

Sit with a straight spine and raise your hands, leaving them parallel to the ground. Place the palms one to another. Curve a little back and lean for 20 to 30 seconds, Let your head and neck to relax during movement execution. Return to the starting position, hands to the sides, and repeat the process at least five times.
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