7 Techniques To Improve Breathing While Running

7 Techniques To Improve Breathing While Running

Strong legs and a healthy heart makes a difference in the time to run , but there is another important factor that can not be overlooked: the strength of the lungs. If breathing capacity is limited, fatigue appears earlier and distance per race will certainly be lower.” Although breathing is automatic, you need to give it more attention when you get out of breath because the muscles require more effort,” says physical education teacher and triathlete Paulo Pestana. He and athletics coach Carlos Ventura say that you can improve breathing and improve the performance of the race. Check out the following steps.

1. Run regularly

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The regular exercise makes the body to get used gradually with the effort and achieve progress. “People who often do not practice physical activity have less breath because your aerobic activity is weak and, because of that, the physical capacity is smaller,” explains athletics coach Carlos Ventura. Therefore seek to establish a schedule to certain hours.

2. Reduce speed to improve breathing

It may be that you are running at a faster pace than your body is capable of – your breath that can withstand your speed. Carlos Ventura says that the ideal pace of training should be with low heart rates, so that all functions of the body come into balance as you run. One can improve breathing capacity with long, slow race because it promotes proper cardiac hypertrophy,” says athletics coach.

3. Intersperse with walking

Training in race and series of walk interspersed allows greater perception of physical effort and time to catch your breath. “This helps adapt the fitness and performance for continuous running,” said sports consultant Paulo Pestana. Gradually, you can increase the running time and decrease the walk. A physical activity professional can help you keep up with this evolution according to your fitness.


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4. Breathe properly

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The more breathless you become, the more your breathing is no longer automatic. You have to control the in and  out movement of air so that it is not too fast during the race. “I often advise students with breath difficulty making breathing marked by steps, that is, every three steps inspiring, do the same three steps exhaling, until this is done naturally,” indicates the physical educator Paulo Pestana.You can also make a difference avoid breathing only with the mouth, which can increase the feeling of tiredness.

5. Do other Exercises

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If the impression is that the race is not enough to improve your breath, how about combining the training to other exercises that also improve your breathing capacity. Virtually all contribute: swimming, circuit training, volleyball, soccer, tennis, biking, among others. A technique that deserves mention is the yoga . Paulo Pestana indicates a simple movement of this practice that enhances the movement of breath and activates all the muscles involved (diaphragm and intercostal): focusing on the abdomen and diaphragm and without moving your shoulders, breathe with your chest (opening the ribs) and breathe out all the air to shrink the stomach. Do this repeatedly and slowly when you are at rest.

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6. Start slowly and accelerate gradually

As you are used to running at a faster speed, it is always necessary to heat the body to start each workout. The athletic coach Carlos Ventura recommends stretching and starting the race in a slow pace. “For people who are coming out of a sedentary lifestyle, you also need to start walking and then move to light hazing, preferring flat terrain and soft,” he says.

7. Take care of the lungs

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Cigarette smoking is a major enemy of breath.”The habit of smoking diminishes breathing capacity because it impairs the function of the lung alveoli to absorb oxygen,” explains sports consultant Paulo Pestana. Breathe exclusively through the mouth, leaving constantly stuffy nose  respiratory allergies are also habits that can hinder the full working of the lungs.

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