8 Attitudes that Sabotage your Workout

8 Attitudes that Sabotage your Workout

You perform exercises at least three times a week, but not realizing significant changes? Or worse, you are feeling pain in a particular region? Know that your workout attitude can keep you from achieving the full benefits of aerobic activities and strength . After all, it is not enough to work out. It is essential that the person should work out properly. Below, we have list 8 main actions that can sabotage your workout :

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Workout Attitude #1. Keeping the same workoutWorkout Attitude

Doing the same workout for many months can reduce the positive effects of exercise on the body. This is because to have results by performing a workout is necessary to cause stress in the body. “When you start training, this causes stress, but if you do the same training for a long time , your body adapts and no longer desired results are produced,” explains the physical educator Fernanda Andrade. The problem is so severe that the person can even regress in their physical performance. Therefore, the guidance is that the training should last between one and two months.


2. Jumping exercisesWorkout Attitude

You must be thinking, “Gee, but I just jumped that year that I do not like, what ‘s wrong with that?”. This little attitude can indeed have many problems and harm the good results of your workout. “This is because the exercises are prescribed on muscle groups and exercise that you skipped may be just the one for one muscle group,” says personal trainer Givanildo Matias. Therefore, besides running the risk of not exercising a particular muscle group, the person may develop postural deviations, feel pain and even have an aesthetic difference, with some of the more muscular body other. “The student has to understand that he will not love some exercises, but will have to carry them out,” says Matthias. Of course, these problems can occur when the person fails to do certain exercise constantly. In some situations, the student needs to complete a series of exercises faster, talk to the teacher of your academy to learn which exercise can be skipped.

Workout Attitude #3. Do aerobicWorkout Attitude

Failure to do aerobic exercise affect the body’s ability to lose fat . Thus, if the person carries only the weight, it can have an increased muscle mass, but does not achieve the setting.These activities also stimulate the cardiorespiratory system, making it work more efficiently.

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

Workout Attitude #4. Not doing all the repetitions

Workout Attitude

Performing all sets and reps is very important for the person to achieve your goals in the gym. This is because each workout is designed according to the purpose of the person.If you do repetitions or different series  you may end up causing other changes in your body that you do not want. For example, if the person seeking hypertrophy, they need all the sets and reps, otherwise they may be doing strength training or setting without notice.

Workout Attitude #5. Perform the movement in the wrong wayWorkout Attitude

The main problem of practicing the exercise wrongly is to use other muscules which were not included in the realization of that activity. This favors pain and problems on site. “In addition, considering the results of strength and hypertrophy, the issue of movement amplitude is very important and if you do the exercise in half, the benefit will also be by half,” says Matthias. If it is very difficult to make any movement, it is better to reduce the weight to make the move in the wrong way.

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Workout Attitude #6. Not respect the time between repetitionsWorkout Attitude

Between repetition and another, the physical education teacher or personal trainer will ask you to wait a certain time and it is essential to respect it. “This pause is needed to give energy for the next iteration and also contributes to removal of lactic acid from the organism that produces local pain during exercise” explains Matthias. Also, the given time between each repetition varies with the purpose of each. Drills that focus on weight loss has a smaller range to maintain high heart rate, since the hypertrophy have a greater range because the person carries a heavy burden. “Thus, the range is also important so that the person can move in training,” concludes Andrade.

Workout Attitude #7. Not exercising for a specific group

asthma signs-Workout Attitude

There are people who do not like to work out a whole region of the body, such as arms or legs. This causes an aesthetic problem because the individual can stick to the back and big arms and  legs  and spotted glutes, but flabby arms. “There can also occur postural deviations and that person may have problems similar to the sedentary in regions that they do not exercise,” says Andrade.

Workout Attitude #8. Lack of planningWorkout Attitude

Many of the problems mentioned above occur due to lack of time to train the student.Therefore, it is essential if you plan to go to the gym. “Wake up on a schedule that allows to get in the gym on time, leave a prepared snack and if you train at night, avoid going home, because the chances of ending up on the couch are high,” says Matthias.

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